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Josie Ng's avatar

Josie Ng

Seattle, WA, USA

Empathetic & Collaborative Senior Product Designer

Irfan Rosandi's avatar

Irfan Rosandi

Depok City, West Java, Indonesia

Product Designer for Fortune 500s and Framer Designer

Fidha Sherin's avatar

Fidha Sherin


👂 Attentive Copywriter, Editor & Brand Designer

Alejandro Abaroa's avatar

Alejandro Abaroa

San Diego, CA, USA

A mix of development and design, and a love for UX

Andrew Makasini's avatar

Andrew Makasini

San Francisco, CA, USA

UX Design, Research, and Design Strategy.

Hi Studio's avatar

Hi Studio

Edinburgh, UK

We build products, brands and spaces.

Barbara Sousa's avatar

Barbara Sousa

Florianópolis, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Product Designer | UI/UX Designer | Web Designer

Cindy Zhao's avatar

Cindy Zhao

New York, NY, USA

NYC-based product & brand designer 🤗

Ugo Ifezue's avatar

Ugo Ifezue

Lagos, Nigeria

Experienced UX & Web Designer

Vas Frolik's avatar

Vas Frolik

London, UK

Designing digital products and marketing websites

Chist Vu's avatar

Chist Vu

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

User-centric UX/UI Designer

Sahil Dave's avatar

Sahil Dave

Berlin, Germany

Product Designer + Dev background

Kemie Guaida's avatar

Kemie Guaida

Helsingborg, Sweden

UX/UI Designer: Creating Stunning Solutions

Innocent Basubi's avatar

Innocent Basubi


Fast and Accurate Transcriptionist

sir Robazi's avatar

sir Robazi

Nairobi, Kenya

Essays and Dissartations

Raj Bijoysana's avatar

Raj Bijoysana


Capturing Your Vision in Every Design 🎨

dorothy ...'s avatar

dorothy ...

United States

Content that Converts: Proven Track Record 🚀

Rafael Smith's avatar

Rafael Smith


I am a writer committed to engrossing readers with

Dinaol Dadi's avatar

Dinaol Dadi


Unique Scriptwriting & Art Direction for Films

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