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Adriano Reis's avatar
Top Independent

Adriano Reis

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Product designer & no-code developer ✨

Recommended 4x
Sebastian Bistran's avatar
Top Independent

Sebastian Bistran

Glasgow, UK

Crafting Products With A Spicy Touch - SRIRACHA 🔥

Recommended 10x
Marie Dyachenko's avatar
Top Independent

Marie Dyachenko


Product & Web designer

Recommended 12x
Aishwarya | Brand Therapy's avatar
Top Independent

Aishwarya | Brand Therapy


Unlock your brand's 2.0 ⚡️

Recommended 12x
Haley Helmold's avatar
Top Independent

Haley Helmold

Chicago, IL, USA

creating minimal & memorable brands

Recommended 23x
Sevd Atas's avatar
Top Independent

Sevd Atas


Elegant Brand & Web Design for the Dreamers

Recommended 8x
Sabrina Polanco's avatar
Top Independent

Sabrina Polanco

Florida, USA

Branding for DTC wellness brands

Recommended 4x
David Blnke 🔥's avatar
Top Independent

David Blnke 🔥

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Senior Product and Brand Designer | Framer Expert

Recommended 5x
Harsh Shah's avatar
Top Independent

Harsh Shah


UI/UX Wizard: Designing Websites, Apps & Framer

Recommended 3x
Sami Downing's avatar
Top Independent

Sami Downing

United States

Visual Designer

Recommended 1x
Alex Aperios's avatar

Alex Aperios

London, UK

Creative Director, Branding, Web & Framer Expert.

Recommended 2x
Caramba Agency's avatar
Top Independent

Caramba Agency

Barcelona, Spain

Branding & Creative Direction

Recommended 1x
Matheus Monteiro's avatar

Matheus Monteiro

State of São Paulo, Brazil

Digital Products made to grow 🚀

Mallory Dean's avatar

Mallory Dean

Charleston, SC, USA

Digital Designer and Strategist

Recommended 13x
Hanna Woa 🔥's avatar
Top Independent

Hanna Woa 🔥


Building badass brands for badass entrepreneurs 💣

Recommended 11x
Jithin Kumar's avatar
Top Independent

Jithin Kumar


Visual and Product Designer & Framer Expert

Recommended 5x
Eugen Ciachir's avatar
Top Independent

Eugen Ciachir

Bucharest, Romania

Design Director & Framer Expert

Recommended 6x
Rajan Dave's avatar
Top Independent

Rajan Dave


Webflow Expert & Web Designer

Recommended 6x
Chris Luniewicz's avatar
Top Independent

Chris Luniewicz

Massachusetts, USA

I Build Framer Sites & Craft Brand Identities 💻

Recommended 5x
Artyom Aghinyan's avatar
Top Independent

Artyom Aghinyan

Yerevan, Armenia

Crafting visuals that make an impact.

Common projects for Figma experts

Designing UI/UX for web and mobile applications

Creating interactive prototypes for user testing

Designing branding elements like logos and brand style guides

Creating visual content for digital marketing campaigns

Designing layouts and templates for websites

Creating graphics and illustrations for digital platforms

Tips for working with and hiring Figma experts

Define your project clearly

Before you start looking for a Figma designer on Contra, make sure you have a clear understanding of your project requirements. This includes the type of design, the complexity of the project, and any specific tools or skills required.

Review their portfolio

Always take the time to review the Figma designer's portfolio. Look for work that aligns with your project requirements and aesthetic preferences. This will help you understand their style and capabilities.

Check their proficiency in Figma

Ensure that the designer is proficient in Figma and familiar with its tools and features. They should be able to create wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs using Figma.

Maintain good communication

Good communication is key to the success of any project. Make sure to communicate your feedback and expectations clearly and regularly. Use Contra's communication channels for seamless collaboration and project management.

How to hire Figma experts

Define your needs

Start by understanding your project requirements. What are you trying to accomplish? What kind of design work do you need? This will help you identify the right Figma designer for your project.

Post a detailed job

Post your job on Contra detailing your project requirements. Include the project's scope, expected deliverables, and timeline. This will help attract the right Figma designers to your project.

Review applications

Review the applications and portfolios of the Figma designers who apply. Look for designers whose style and experience align with your project needs.

Conduct interviews

Conduct interviews with potential candidates. Discuss your project, ask about their design process, and find out how they handle feedback and revisions.

Close the deal

Once you've found the right Figma designer, finalize the contract on Contra. The platform provides secure payment transactions and contract management, making the hiring process seamless and safe.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Figma experts

1. Can you share some examples of the projects you have designed using Figma?

2. How do you approach a new design project? Can you walk me through your process?

3. How do you handle feedback and revisions during the design process?

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Frequently asked

Figma is a web-based design tool used for interface design, product design, web design, prototyping, user experience and collaboration. It is primarily used for designing user interfaces and creating interactive prototypes for websites, apps, and other digital products.

Figma is a web-based design tool used for interface design, product design, web design, prototyping, user experience and collaboration. It is primarily used for designing user interfaces and creating interactive prototypes for websites, apps, and other digital products.

A freelance Figma designer is a professional who uses Figma to create user interface designs and interactive prototypes for clients on a project-by-project basis. They are responsible for understanding client's project requirements, creating wireframes, prototypes, visual designs using Figma and iterating on the designs based on client feedback.

Hiring a Figma designer on Contra allows you to work with highly skilled and vetted professionals. The platform facilitates seamless collaboration, contract management, and secure payment transactions, making the entire process hassle-free and efficient.

You can hire a Figma designer on Contra by posting a job detailing your project requirements. Figma designers who match your requirements can then apply for the job. You can also browse through the profiles of Figma designers and contact those you are interested in.

Projects that require Figma skills often include designing user interfaces for websites or mobile apps, creating interactive prototypes for testing, designing branding elements, creating visual designs for digital marketing campaigns, and more.

The cost of hiring a Figma Designer on Contra can range from $25 to $150 per hour, depending on the designer's experience and the complexity of your project.

Freelance Figma designers are paid commission-free on Contra. They may charge per project, per hour, or per milestone. Clients must pay a minimum of $250 or $25 an hour to post an opportunity on Contra.

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