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Arsalan yar's avatar

Arsalan yar

United States

SaaS and web expert for stunning designs

Sarthak Totre's avatar

Sarthak Totre


Calls to action: "Let's collaborate"

Isabella Tartoni's avatar

Isabella Tartoni

Grand Rapids, United States

Injecting creativity into every pixel!

Bhavaneeswara Rohitha Pudu's avatar

Bhavaneeswara Rohitha Pudu


Creative UX freelancer specializing in front-end

Agneta-Camelia Petruta's avatar

Agneta-Camelia Petruta

Barcelona, Spain

Striking Brand & Motion Designer

Pradip Thakar's avatar

Pradip Thakar

Pune, India

I'm a modern UI-UX Designer for your app

D P's avatar


United Kingdom

2D/3D Modeller & Animator | VFX pipeline A-Z

Adrian Red's avatar

Adrian Red

Dubai - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

Art Director & Designer / 18 Years of Experience

Teo Montenegro's avatar

Teo Montenegro

Sydney NSW, Australia

Elevating Moments Through Masterful Imaging

Mohamed Abdullah's avatar

Mohamed Abdullah


Graphic, Ui/UX designer, Digital Marketer

Recommended 1x
Saad Nadeem's avatar

Saad Nadeem


UI/UX | Animation | Web/APP Design and Development

Noor Hamadani's avatar

Noor Hamadani

Dubai - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

Versatile Artist & Web Dev 🎨✨

Fadi Badarni's avatar

Fadi Badarni


Dynamic Fullstack Engineer - JS, TS, Java

Recommended 1x
Matt Jumper's avatar

Matt Jumper

Toronto, Canada

Pixel-perfect design + development

Common projects for Adobe XD experts

Designing a new website or mobile app interface.

Creating interactive prototypes for user testing.

Redesigning an existing website or app for improved user experience.

Developing user interface elements like menus, tabs, and widgets.

Designing graphics and visual elements for websites or apps.

Creating wireframes for new digital projects.

Tips for working with and hiring Adobe XD experts

Understand your project needs

Before you start the hiring process, have a clear understanding of your project requirements. Adobe XD experts can provide a wide range of services such as UI/UX design, prototype creation, and interactive experiences. Define what you need to ensure you hire the right professional.

Evaluate their portfolio

Review the Adobe XD expert's past work to get an idea of their design style and skill level. Look for projects that are similar to yours and check the quality of their designs and attention to detail.

Check their technical skills

Make sure the freelancer is proficient in Adobe XD and other related tools. It's also beneficial if they understand user experience principles and have coding knowledge. This can help ensure a smooth collaboration.

Maintain good communication

Use Contra's platform to communicate with the Adobe XD freelancer regularly. Discuss your expectations, provide feedback on their work, and address any concerns promptly. This can help ensure the project stays on track and meets your standards.

How to hire Adobe XD experts

Define your project

Clearly outline what you need the Adobe XD expert to do. This could involve designing an app interface, creating a prototype, or improving user experience. The more specific you are, the better the freelancer can meet your needs.

Post a detailed job

When you post a job on Contra, include as much information as possible. Detail the project requirements, the skills required, and the timeline. This will help attract freelancers who are a good fit for your project.

Review applications and portfolios

Once you receive applications, review the freelancers' portfolios and experience. Look for Adobe XD experts who have completed similar projects and have good reviews.

Conduct interviews

Interview shortlisted candidates to get a better understanding of their skills and work process. Use this opportunity to discuss your project in detail and set clear expectations.

Make an offer

When you find the right freelancer, make an offer through Contra. Include the agreed payment, project details, and timeline. Remember, on Contra, payments are commission-free.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Adobe XD experts

1. Can you describe a project where you used Adobe XD to improve the user experience?

2. How do you approach creating a new user interface from scratch?

3. Can you explain your process for testing and refining prototypes?

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Frequently asked

Adobe XD is a vector-based tool developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. It's used for designing and prototyping user experiences for web and mobile apps. Adobe XD allows designers to create interactive prototypes, make design changes on the go, and share with team members and stakeholders for feedback.

Adobe XD is a vector-based tool developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. It's used for designing and prototyping user experiences for web and mobile apps. Adobe XD allows designers to create interactive prototypes, make design changes on the go, and share with team members and stakeholders for feedback.

An Adobe XD expert designs and prototypes user interfaces for web and mobile apps. They create wireframes, design visual elements, build interactive prototypes, and test the usability of the designs. They ensure the final design offers a great user experience.

Hiring an Adobe XD expert on Contra allows you to find top-quality freelancers with verified skills. You can review their portfolios, discuss your project directly, and handle contracts and payments, all through the platform. Contra also offers a commission-free payment policy, making it cost-effective for businesses.

To hire an Adobe XD expert on Contra, you can post a job with your project details and requirements. Freelancers who match your criteria can then apply. You can also search for Adobe XD experts on the platform and invite those you find suitable to apply for your job.

Adobe XD is mainly used for designing and prototyping UI/UX for web and mobile apps. Any project that involves designing an interface, creating interactive prototypes, or user testing can benefit from Adobe XD skills.

The cost of hiring an Adobe XD expert on Contra can range from $25 to $150 per hour. The exact cost will depend on the complexity of your project, the freelancer's experience, and the duration of the project.

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