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Recommended 7x
Aishwarya | Brand Therapy's avatar
Top Independent

Aishwarya | Brand Therapy


Unlock your brand's 2.0 ⚡️

Recommended 7x
Paula | Land it's avatar
Top Independent

Paula | Land it

Valencia, Spain

Being creative can be strategic ✨

Recommended 12x
Barbiana Liu's avatar
Top Independent

Barbiana Liu

New York, NY, USA

Transforming Ideas into Memorable Brands

Recommended 10x
Hanna Woa 🔥's avatar
Top Independent

Hanna Woa 🔥


Brand design for determined entrepreneurs

Recommended 14x
Pau Suárez's avatar
Top Independent

Pau Suárez

Barcelona, Spain

Interdisciplinary Designer - Graphic Design Expert

Recommended 8x
Haley Helmold's avatar
Top Independent

Haley Helmold

Chicago, IL, USA

creating minimal & memorable brands

Recommended 8x
Stacey Troutman's avatar
Top Independent

Stacey Troutman

Houston, TX, USA

Your design storyteller bestie ✨

Recommended 13x
Design By Sevd's avatar
Top Independent

Design By Sevd


Elegant brand & web design for the dreamers.

Recommended 9x
Marie Dyachenko's avatar
Top Independent

Marie Dyachenko


Design that resonates ✶

Recommended 10x
Redel Bautista's avatar
Top Independent

Redel Bautista


Graphic Designer for Static Ad Creatives

Recommended 1x
Jonathan Martinez's avatar
Top Independent

Jonathan Martinez

New York, NY, USA

NYC-based Product Designer for Ambitious Founders

Recommended 2x
Ansh Jamdagni's avatar
Top Independent

Ansh Jamdagni


Crafting Digital Artistry For You

Recommended 20x
Téa Rae Designs's avatar
Top Independent

Téa Rae Designs

United States

Squarespace Web Designer | Brand Identity Design

Miklos Steklacs's avatar

Miklos Steklacs

Budapest, Hungary

Framer Expert and Product Designer

Bryce Gonzales's avatar
Top Independent

Bryce Gonzales

San Diego, CA, USA

UX/UI Designer with a Bold and Modern Style.

Omar Al-Dib's avatar
Top Independent

Omar Al-Dib

Ottawa, ON, Canada

everything starts with an idea!

Claudia Klees's avatar

Claudia Klees

Florida, USA

Web Designer for data apps & healthcare

Recommended 1x
Luca Da Corte's avatar

Luca Da Corte


Web Designer & Framer Developer

Brooks Vaughan's avatar

Brooks Vaughan

Houston, TX, USA

Industrial Design and 3D Rendering Expert

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Frequently asked

A freelance designer can create visuals for any type of project, ranging from logo and web design to social media graphics to advertising materials like brochures, ebooks, and more. A freelance designer will work with you to make sure the project is executed exactly as you'd like it.

A freelance designer can create visuals for any type of project, ranging from logo and web design to social media graphics to advertising materials like brochures, ebooks, and more. A freelance designer will work with you to make sure the project is executed exactly as you'd like it.

Freelance designers need to be able to be creative, use graphic design software, and communicate effectively. Freelance designers need to communicate with their clients and colleagues. They must strategically think about their designs and communicate their vision. Freelance designers must be able to be creative to execute different kinds of projects and ideas. Freelance designers need to use different types of creative strategies to create designs that work for different brands. Freelance designers must work with a variety of software and tools to execute their work. Freelance designers need to be familiar with different kinds of graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop. Freelance web designers working on websites should be familiar with content management systems like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or Weebly. Designers need to understand UI and UX design so they can guide a user’s journey through a product or service. Designers use UX design to create solutions to problems they identify, and they use UI design to craft the aestetics of overall feel of a product.

There’s three ways to hire a freelance designer through Contra:

Post an opportunity on Contra that includes a detailed job description, timeline, and rate. If you know exactly what you’re looking for and you need a freelance designer for a specific type of project, posting an opportunity is the best way to collect applications from qualified freelance designers. Click the “Hire an Independent” button to write a job description, select a few desired skills, and set your timeline and budget.

Find a freelance designer on Contra’s Discover Page. Many freelance designers use Contra to show off their past work, services, and pricing. You can find a freelance designer to work with easily. Just tap the “Get in Touch” button to send freelance designers you’re interested in working with an inquiry.

Send a proposal to a freelance designer you’re already working with. Hit “Create proposal,” add information about payment, deliverables, scope of work, and the required timeline. Then kickstart your project through Contra with a built-in contract and project management system.

You have a lot on your plate. Why spend your valuable time designing your own content when you can delegate it to an expert instead? By hiring a freelance designer, you have the opportunity to collaborate with a trusted professional who has the skills, experience, and expertise to execute your vision. You’ll find your perfect freelance designer on Contra. Search Contra’s Discover Page to find a qualified freelance designer who can execute the projects you need completed quickly and efficiently.

The best time to hire a freelance designer is right now. If you don’t need a full-time designer on staff, hiring a freelance designer is the perfect solution. A freelance designer can execute any necessary visual designs quickly and effectively, which will save your business time in the long run. If you have tight deadlines and your team is swamped, a freelance designer can save the day. You will get high-quality designs from a freelance professional who understands your business and overall goals.

Freelance designers may charge by project or hour and they may charge different amounts for different kinds of services. For example, the cost of a logo design may be less than a full rebranding. Freelance designers set their own rates, but will discuss project scope and deliverables with clients to determine how they can work together. On Contra, opportunities must pay a minimum of $25 an hour or $250. As you look through different designers on Contra’s Discover Page, you’ll see that some designers have listed pricing for their services. We suggest sending an inquiry to designers you’d like to work with to discuss project terms and pricing.

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