• Do I have to pay to use Contra?

  • What makes Contra different from other professional platforms?

  • What is flexible work?

  • Who is Contra for?

  • If I'm not based in the US, can I still join?

  • What is Contra?

  • What is the Contra Community? How do I join?

Profile & Account

  • If I have projects under NDAs, can I make them private?

  • How do I build my community on Contra?

  • Why do I have to wait to unlock all of Contra's features?

  • How long does it take to set up my profile?

  • Can I add the companies, brands, and agencies that I've worked with?

For Independent Professionals

  • Can I use Contra if I'm just starting my independent career?

  • How can I get discovered on Contra?

  • Can I still apply for opportunities if my country isn't supported on Contra?

  • How can I get a job on Contra? Did you see my application?

  • How can I utilize Contra?


  • How do I get hired for my services?

  • What are services?

  • Why do I have to include a price for my service?

  • What kinds of services can I post on Contra?

  • What happens if I don't want to add a service?

  • Can I add who I've collaborated with to a service?


  • What are analytics?

  • How can I improve my analytics?

  • Why can't I access my analytics?


General Payments

  • What countries does Contra support for payments?

  • How does Contra make money?

  • When verifying my identity through Stripe, can I only use my SSN (Social Security Number)?

  • If I require further payment assistance who can I contact for support?

  • What does Contra do with my data?

  • How are payments secured?

  • How does Contra process payments?

  • What fees does Contra charge for payments?

Payments For Clients

Payments For Independents

  • How do I cancel or dispute a project?

  • Can I delete my payment information at any time while using the Contra platform?

  • Does Contra collect and store my Social Security Number (SSN)?

  • Why is my country of residence not supported for payments?

  • What's the difference between "Balance Available" and "Projected Total Balance"?

  • What can I do if my withdrawals are failing?

  • How do manual payouts work on Contra?

  • How do I report income from Contra?

  • Why aren't debit cards supported for payouts?

  • Can I cancel a project that is in progress?

  • Why are my funds not available for transfer?

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