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Phill Lucero's avatar

Phill Lucero

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Designing music experiences that move people.

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Radiopolitan  Studios's avatar

Radiopolitan Studios

Bogota, Colombia

Audio Excellence: Mixing & Mastering Pro 🎵

Recommended 2x
Davies Aguirre's avatar

Davies Aguirre

Lima, Peru

🎵 Elevating Brands with Premium Sound 🎵

Recommended 1x
Andrés Buitrago's avatar

Andrés Buitrago

Santiago de Querétaro, Qro., Mexico

Audio Editor | Sound Designer | Re-Recording Mixer

Recommended 2x
dammy _'s avatar

dammy _


Top-Rated Sound Designer, Music Producer & Tutor.

Recommended 1x
Sebastian Jautschus's avatar

Sebastian Jautschus

Berlin, Germany

Create Unique & Memorable Podcasts

Recommended 2x
Steve Green's avatar

Steve Green

New Zealand

Sound Design & Audio Post Production Expert

Ellis Hall III's avatar

Ellis Hall III

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Music Producer / Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Mukesh Chauhan's avatar

Mukesh Chauhan

Chandigarh, India

Budget-friendly music producer and audio editor

Charles Alison's avatar

Charles Alison


Pro audio mixing and mastering for all genres 🎧

Naveed Hossain's avatar

Naveed Hossain

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Creating music, videos and stories

Alejandro Silva's avatar

Alejandro Silva

Cabimas, Zulia, Venezuela

🎥 Creative Video Editor 🎧 Music Producer

Milo Shanahan's avatar

Milo Shanahan

Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland

Sound engineer and producer 🔉

Thomas Hesry's avatar

Thomas Hesry

Nantes, France

Creating emotional music for your visual content

Julian F. Style's avatar

Julian F. Style


🎵 Mastering Your Sound & Vision 🎬

JEC Audio's avatar

JEC Audio

Atlanta, GA, USA

Detail-Oriented Audio Engineer for Podcasts & More

Kenneth Carpina's avatar

Kenneth Carpina

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

🎧 Expert Music Producer & Custom Beat Maker 🎵

CAPE Paradise's avatar

CAPE Paradise

London, UK

Crafting Perfect Audio Escapes for Every Listener

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