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    We’re proud to announce our partnership with Framer to launch the Framer Expert Network on Contra! This is the new hub for Framer Experts to showcase their expertise, projects and services. From here, you’ll be able to discover and hire the best talent in a couple of clicks.

    If you’re a freelancer, you’ll earn commission-free 💸 and attract more clients with your verified Framer Expert badge ✨

    What is Framer?

    Framer is a design tool that seamlessly integrates design and coding to empower you in crafting interactive prototypes for websites and apps. It has an intuitive visual design interface, and effortlessly manipulates components and code to bring your ideas to life.

    You can try it for free here ↓

    Framer — Start your dream site with AI.

    Zero code, maximum speed.


    What is Contra’s Expert Network?

    Contra’s Expert Network empowers your growing community to earn a living using your product. Our platform allows your experts to get discovered by new clients and get paid for their expertise, commission-free!

    Those recognized as an expert are listed on both the partner company and Contra’s expert pages and receive an expert badge on Contra. Being showcased on the expert pages and having a badge helps you stand out and increases your chances of being discovered by a client.

    We currently have Expert programs with Rive, Spline and Relume! Partner with Contra to host your expert network ⬇️


    Contra Expert Networks

    Create a foundation of community growth and product adoption through Contra’s Expert Networks.

    What is the Framer Experts Program?

    Framer Experts are freelancers, studios, and agencies that can help bring dream websites to life. The program gives top Framer developers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a “Framer Expert” badge, and allows Clients to find top Framer developers, all in one place.

    You can see all current Framer Experts here:


    Framer Experts on Contra

    Looking for a Framer Expert? Connect with a Framer expert for your next project

    How do I become a Framer Expert?

    If you are already designing websites in Framer, you can become a Framer Expert by doing the following:

    1. Add at least one Framer Projects that you’ve worked on with a client to your Contra profile. Make sure you include a link to the live Framer site!
    2. Create 2 services, and at least one for Framer website design/development.
    3. Add the words “Framer Expert” to your headline or bio.
    4. Apply for the expert program using the form at the bottom of this page.

    What happens after I apply?

    The Framer team will personally review all submitted profiles to make sure they are truly Framer experts. Once expert status is confirmed, the Contra team will add the badge to make it official, and your profile will appear on the Framer Experts page!

    What are the benefits for becoming a Framer Expert?

    New leads

    When clients come to Contra to hire Framer developers, our Framer Experts will be the first people we match to the job and recommend to the client!


    Getting the Framer Expert badge is essentially a stamp of approval from the Framer team — how cool is that?

    Boosted in search

    Framer experts will be boosted in our Discover feed when clients are searching for their skills!

    Can I see some examples of Framer Expert projects?

    Here are some of our favorite Framer projects on Contra:


    Blaze Type – How to Design Fonts 🏆 by Paul Lapkin

    Unleash your inner Font Designer with ‘How to Design Fonts?’ by Blaze Type®. Recognized by Awwwards, CSSDA, Framer and The Brand Identity.


    About Morning Brew by Studio Ultra

    Studio Ultra built a new site for Morning Brew.


    Artfolio by Vaibhav Khulbe

    A Framer template for artists

    Have more questions?

    Read through the official program page, or reach out to

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