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Allison Nulty
· 4 min read

We’re excited to announce we’re partnering with Kittl to launch the Kittl Expert Network on Contra! This network is the new hub for Kittl pros to highlight their expertise, projects, and services. If you’re looking to source a Kittl expert, you can easily find and hire verified Kittl pros with just a few clicks.

If you’re a Kittl Expert in our network, you’ll earn commission-free and appeal to more clients with your verified Kittl Expert badge ✨

What is Kittl?

Kittl redefines the graphic design process with its web-based tool tailored for designers. Utilizing AI and boasting a vast design library, Kittl is transforming how millions approach visual creation. With its user-friendly interface, Kittl empowers designers to craft impressive visuals with ease, saving valuable time and effort. Discover more about Kittl's innovative platform here ↓

Kittl - Unleash Your Creative Power

Kittl is the most intuitive and easy-to-use design platform which helps you to create stunning designs that impress everyone. Easily learn new design technique…

What is Contra’s Partner Program?

Contra's Partner Program help companies stay at the cutting edge by introducing the latest tools freelancers are using to optimize their workflows. Our Partner programs also empower growing communities of creators to earn a living by utilizing our partners' tools. Contra actively helps experts in our networks get discovered by new clients for projects where they’ll be paid 100% commission free.

Experts are featured on both the partner company's and Contra's expert pages, and they receive an expert badge on their Contra profile. This increases their visibility with clients hiring on Contra and boosts their chances of winning new work.

We currently host Partner programs with FramerSplineRelume, BuildShip and more! Partner with Contra to showcase your platform’s top experts. Increase visibility, adoption and affinity with an Expert Network marketed to 700K+ contractors and 20K+ clients on Contra. Learn more here ⬇️

Contra | Partner Program: Grow your product with the power of c…

Engage and empower your best users to grow your product with Contra, the commission-free freelance platform trusted by 600K+ contractors and 20K+ clients.

What is the Kittl Expert Network?

Kittl Experts are verified contractors, studios, and agencies that can help create high-quality designs for your next project. The program gives top Kittl designers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a “Kittl Expert” badge featured on their profile, and allows companies to find top Kittl designers all in one place.

You can see all current Kittl experts on our Kittl Discover feed or Kittl Experts page!

How do I become a Kittl Expert?

To become a Kittl expert, complete your Contra profile and mention that you are a Kittl Expert in your bio.

List Kittl as a preferred tool and publish at least two projects that use Kittl. Make sure your profile offers at least one service using Kittl. These requirements should show off your Kittl expertise, so make sure you’re showcasing your best work! When you’re ready to apply, submit your Contra profile URL here. The Kittl team will review your submission, and if verified, you'll receive a Kittl expert badge on your Contra profile.

Apply to become a Kittl Expert

Kittl is the most intuitive and easy-to-use design platform which helps you to create stunning designs that impress everyone. Easily learn new design technique…

What happens after I apply?

The Kittl team will personally review all submitted profiles to make sure they are truly Kittl experts. Once expert status is verified, the Contra team will add the badge to make it official, and your profile will appear on the Kittl Experts page!

What are the benefits of becoming a Kittl Expert?

New leads

When clients approach Contra to hire designers and content creators, our Kittl Experts are the first ones we recommend and match to the job!


Getting the Kittl Expert badge is essentially a stamp of approval from the Kittl team, letting potential clients know you are a skilled designer — how cool is that?

Boosted in search

Kittl experts will be boosted in our Discover feed when clients are searching for their skills!

Can I see some examples of Kittl Expert projects?

Here are some of our favorite Kittl projects on Contra ↓

Logo Flash Sheets by Anna Dittmer

Collection of logo designs for such as stickers for the Christmas season and sarcastic tattoo designs for introverts.

Cool T-shirt Designs by Naina Sharaf

Enchanting Maya-themed graphics on our t-shirts blend illusion and reality, captivating with mystical allure and surreal visuals.

Retro & Vintage Illustration Logo Mascot Character Badges by @D…

I craft bespoke logos that seamlessly blend nostalgia with contemporary appeal. Each badge is meticulously curated to encapsulate the essence of the brand.

Ocean’s Cry. Save the ocean. Ocean plastic pollution. :: Behanc…

Introducing Ocean’s Cry. This product brings together a vibrant cast of marine creatures to engage and educate users about the dire need to protect our oceans.

Have more questions?

Read through the official program page, or reach out to

Allison Nulty
Head of Product @ Contra
Hello! I am a New York native, living in SF. I lead the product team at Contra and am always excited to bring our newest features to life. Have product ideas or something you'd like to see? Send me an inquiry and let's chat!

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