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Allison Nulty
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What is BuildShip?

BuildShip is a low-code solution for building an app's backend workflows, APIs, scheduled jobs, and cloud functions. It combines the best of no-code and code solutions, allowing developers to visually construct workflows, automations, and powerful backend logic for their applications. It's powered by AI, enabling connections to anything with or without code. Learn more here.

BuildShip | Visual Low-code Backend Builder

Low-code visual way to build your app’s backend workflows, APIs, scheduled jobs, cloud functions - powered by AI. Combines the best of no code and code.

What is Contra’s Expert Network?

Contra's Expert Network enables our partners’ growing communities to earn a living using our partners’ products. Our platform helps their experts get discovered by new clients and receive payment for their expertise commission-free!

Experts are listed on both the partner company's and Contra's expert pages and are awarded an expert badge on Contra. Being featured on these pages and having an expert badge enhances experts’ visibility and improves their chances of being discovered by clients.

We currently host Expert programs with FramerSplineRelume, and more! Join forces with Contra to host your expert network. Learn more here!

Contra Expert Networks: Community Growth and Networking

Create a foundation of community growth and product adoption through Contra’s Expert Networks.

What is the BuildShip Experts Program?

BuildShip Experts are verified freelancers, studios, and agencies specializing in creating high-quality backend logic for various projects. This program allows standout BuildShip developers to be recognized with a "BuildShip Expert" badge on their profiles. It also enables clients to conveniently find top BuildShip developers in one place. You can view all current BuildShip experts here.

How do I become a BuildShip Expert?

To become a BuildShip expert, submit your Contra profile URL to the BuildShip team for verification here. Your Contra profile should include BuildShip in the Tools, Title, and About sections. Make sure your profile features at least 2 services and 3 projects related to BuildShip. The BuildShip team will review your submission. If verified, you'll receive a BuildShip expert badge on your Contra profile.

What happens after I apply?

The BuildShip team will personally review all submitted profiles to make sure they are truly BuildShip experts. Once expert status is verified, the Contra team will add the badge to make it official, and your profile will appear on the BuildShip Experts page!

What are the benefits for becoming a BuildShip Expert?

New leads

When clients approach Contra to hire no-code and low-code developers, our BuildShip Experts are the first ones we recommend and match to the job!


Getting the BuildShip Expert badge is essentially a stamp of approval from the BuildShip team, letting potential clients know you are a skilled backend developer — how cool is that?

Boosted in search

BuildShip experts will be boosted in our Discover feed when clients are searching for their skills!

Can I see some examples of BuildShip Expert projects?

Here are some of our favorite BuildShip projects on Contra:

ScriptSafe: Your eScripts, Your Control

The Go-To Mobile App for Managing Australian eScripts


Uncover the Mysteries of the Cosmos Discover Astronomaly, an innovative app that merges astronomy and astrology into an interactive adventure.

Have more questions?

Read through the official program page, or reach out to

Allison Nulty
Head of Product @ Contra
Hello! I am a New York native, living in SF. I lead the product team at Contra and am always excited to bring our newest features to life. Have product ideas or something you'd like to see? Send me an inquiry and let's chat!

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