How Contra Connects you with Top Independents🌟

    Richelle Stewart
    · 2 min read

    Finding the right talent for your project can be time-consuming and challenging. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you who you should hire. That's where Contra steps in, aiming to simplify the process and making it easier than ever to get quality Independents when you need them. 

    Here’s a look into how we hand pick Independents just for YOU and your project needs. 


    Step 1: Post a Job Opportunity ✅ When you post a job opportunity on Contra and it gets approved, our team goes to work finding the best possible freelancers for your role. (If you haven’t read our ultimate guide to posting a job as a client you can check that out here.)

    We review the details you provide such as the role, tools selected, skills required, as well as the budget and any location preferences. Once we familiarize ourselves with your needs, we search for Independents for those that fit the description provided.  Step 2: Emails Go Out To Independents 📧 Once we find Independents that seem like a good match, an email goes out to them encouraging them to apply for the role.  Step 3: Receive Applicants 👥 Typically within the first few hours, applications start to come in. If you don't find the right fit, you can always request additional matches. Our team is here for you at every step of the process.

    🌟New Independents join Contra everyday so we also check daily to see if we missed anyone in our initial hand-selection process.🌟

    Step 4: Handpicked Matches 🪄 After receiving applicants, if no messages have been sent, our Client Success team will curate a shortlist of recommended freelancers for you to review. You'll receive an email of why we chose them and prompting you to get in touch!


    Our team's expertise is built on years of experience. We've reviewed hundreds (okay probably thousands) of freelancer’s profiles across various industries! We also take into account those who are Top Independents on our platform as well as other factors like who has recommendations from Clients!  Check out our blog on what it means to be a Top Independent on Contra 👀

    Your time is valuable and finding the RIGHT Independents is key. 🔑 Let us streamline your search and bring them straight to you.


    Still have questions or want help posting your first job? Reach out to us at



    Richelle Stewart
    Helping you find your next best hire.
    As a Project Manager, Customer Success Manager & Operations Manager, I help clients successfully execute creative projects.

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