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Allison Nulty
· 3 min read

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Rive to launch the Rive Expert Network on Contra! This is the new hub for Rive pros to showcase their expertise, projects and services. From here you’ll be able to discover and hire the best talent in a couple of clicks.

If you’re a freelancer, you’ll earn commission-free 💸 and attract more clients with your verified Rive Expert badge ✨

What is Rive?

Rive is a real-time interactive design tool that allows you to design, animate, and immediately integrate your assets into any platform thanks to their open source runtimes. Learn more about Rive ↓


Build interactive animations that run anywhere!

What is Contra’s Expert Network?

Contra’s Expert Network empowers your growing community to earn a living using your product. Our platform allows your experts to get discovered by new clients and get paid for their expertise, commission-free!

Those recognized as an expert are listed on both the partner company and Contra’s expert pages and receive an expert badge on Contra. Being showcased on the expert pages and having a badge helps you stand out and increases your chances of being discovered by a client.

We currently have Expert programs with Framer, Spline and Relume! Partner with Contra to host your expert network ⬇️

Contra Expert Networks

Create a foundation of community growth and product adoption through Contra’s Expert Networks.

What is the Rive Experts Network?

Rive Experts are verified contractors, studios, and agencies that can help create high-quality interactive animations for your next project. The program gives top Rive animators the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a “Rive Expert” badge featured on their profile, and allows companies to find top Rive animators all-in-one place.

You can see all current Rive experts on our Rive Discover feed or Rive’s Experts page!

How do I become a Rive Expert?

To become a Rive Expert, you must fill out this form for the Rive team to review and verify your application. Your complete Contra profile will need to:

  • Feature at least three Rive portfolio projects and two services listed
  • Your real name, profile photo, social link, bio, and location listed on your Contra profile

What happens after I apply?

The Rive team will personally review all submitted profiles to make sure they are truly Rive experts. Their estimated time to have your application reviewed and receive an answer is of within 14 business days. Once expert status is verified, the Contra team will add the Rive Expert badge to make it official, and your profile will appear on the Rive Experts page!

What are the benefits for becoming a Rive Expert?

New leads

When clients come to Contra to hire animators, our Rive Experts will be the first people we match to the job and recommend to the client!


Getting the Rive Expert badge is essentially a stamp of approval from the Rive team letting potential clients know you are a skilled interactive animator — how cool is that?!

Boosted in search

Rive experts will be boosted in our Discover feed when clients are searching for their skills!

Can I see some examples of Rive Expert projects?

Here are some of our favorite Rive projects on Contra ↓

Indolent Evening | Lottie to Rive by Asim Das

I shared this animation on Lottie files community around a year ago. Today I imported it and added a bit of interaction to it.

Cat Button by Musa Adanur

Interaction for button

RIVE - App Waveform by Paul du Plessis

Audio feedback animation created in Rive. The audio waveform reacts based on the volume the user speaks. It is a wonderful experience for the user.

Have more questions?

Read through the official program page, or reach out to hello@contra.com

Allison Nulty
Head of Product @ Contra
Hello! I am a New York native, living in SF. I lead the product team at Contra and am always excited to bring our newest features to life. Have product ideas or something you'd like to see? Send me an inquiry and let's chat!

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