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A Fleet Management brand that allows connection to live, vehicle-specific data items using their API. Supporting all major car brands with their unique partnership and data protection measures.

Problem & Solution

The brand needs to raise awareness about it's hardware-free business model and secure data management.

Fleet management is a streamlined process of collecting and displaying vehicle data in a tailor-made interface. Fleet managers need to fully understand every advantage that High-Mobility offers.


As the main content writer for their website, I write landing pages, product descriptions, category pages, and blogs.

  • Fleet Management - definition and advantages
  • APIs and how they integrate
  • Connected Cars
  • Data security

Links to published blog posts:


I understood that working with sensitive vehicle data needed to be handled carefully. High Mobility revolutionises the connected car space with a secure API. Therefore my emphasis in blog posts was always to promise their secure handling of vehicle data to fleet management companies.

As a long-term client, High Mobility has hundreds of pages of my work including their Brand pages, data items and many blogs to explore more about Fleet Management and how it can benefit businesses.

Having a degree in Automotive Technology, High Mobility was a dream client that seamlessly paired my passions and knowledge.


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