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TOPDON is leading the way for vehicle diagnostics, EV chargers and Battery Maintenance. Supporting workshops, DIY car enthusiasts and self-employed mechanics with tools to identify faults and maintenance. TOPDON EV chargers provide cutting-edge solutions to homes and businesses.

Problem & solution

The audience needs to connect their own vehicle problems with TOPDONs product suite.

Especially in the EV space with new charging solutions. Explaining this growing industry to readers in a concise manner that is engaging is challenging. My job is to show TOPDON as an industry leader. Helping new EV owners choose the right home charger. Mechanics find the best diagnostics solution and owners who want to charge their batteries efficiently.

Goals/Requirements for writing:

  • Explaining diagnostics devices to different user types
  • Educating readers on suitable EV chargers
  • Thermal cameras and how they work
  • ADAS features in modern vehicles
  • Battery testing and charging
  • Importance of vehicle maintenance
  • Showcasing TOPDONs product suite as solutions to common problems

Links to published blogs:


As the main contributor to their newsroom section, I make sure to write engaging blogs and articles for their niche. I have complete autonomy with blog post topic ideas and ensure each piece is researched carefully and combined with my industry knowledge for the best conversion.

Making sure every reader is educated, I write a wide range of articles that include how diagnostics machines work, how ADAS features are calibrated, and what to look out for when your car has battery problems.

With a long-term client like TOPDON, being part of their new product launches is exciting. Especially in the EV space with new charging solutions. In just a few years we will see EVs outselling combustion vehicles, and it's inspiring to be a part of this transition.

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