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A specialised parts accessory retailer for the off-road space in Australia. Jimnyhype has class-leading bespoke accessories to upgrade your Suzuki Jimny, a popular 4x4 with a true cult following.

Suzuki Jimny

Problem & Solution

SEO is important with parts retailer brands. Jimnyhype seeks engaging and informative blog posts that concentrate on their very specific niche.

As they are based in Australia, terms need to be used that would resonate with their local market. Having lived in Australia, I was the perfect fit for combining my car knowledge and travel experience to write blog posts.


  • Writing engaging, informative blog posts
  • Car buying tips
  • How to customise your ride
  • What Jimnyhype offer to all Suzuki Jimny enthusiasts

Links to published blog posts:


I worked with this client to help boost SEO with blogs and technical information to leave visitors with more knowledge. As Jimny owners are such a dedicated group, each fact and reference had to be carefully researched. With my set of skills, I laid out blog posts in an easy-to-read way to engage the biggest audiences.

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