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Top Independent

Alex Bull

United Kingdom

Grow your Auto brand with Social Media & Blogs 🚗✨

Recommended 5x
Rodrigo Lamadrid's avatar
Top Independent

Rodrigo Lamadrid

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Copywriter, Translator, & Content Creator ✍️

Recommended 1x
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Top Independent

Alexandra Fasulo

Fort Myers, FL, USA

Welcome to the Freelance Fairy Writing Hub 🧚

Recommended 1x
Salina Owens's avatar
Top Independent

Salina Owens

Madrid, Spain

Copywriter | Digital Creator

Recommended 2x
Mia Salas's avatar
Top Independent

Mia Salas

Lawrence Township, NJ, USA

Social and Digital Media for Startups

Minolta Walker's avatar

Minolta Walker

United States

SEO-Optimized Freelance Writer

Recommended 7x
Emily Becker's avatar
Top Independent

Emily Becker

Chicago, IL, USA

Copy and Content with a Soul

Recommended 2x
Bridget Poston's avatar
Top Independent

Bridget Poston

Ohio, USA

Crafting magnetic copy that converts ⚡

Recommended 2x
Celia Mesa's avatar
Top Independent

Celia Mesa

Barcelona, Spain

Bringing Brands to Life with Humanized Content ✨

Recommended 2x
Christopher Rosché's avatar
Top Independent

Christopher Rosché

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Words to Inspire

Recommended 6x
Quinn Foster's avatar
Top Independent

Quinn Foster

Lafayette, LA, USA

Impactful Journalist & Copy Editor to the Rescue

Recommended 4x
Marleena Garris's avatar

Marleena Garris

United States

Crafting human copy + storytelling📖✨

Kimia Madani's avatar
Top Independent

Kimia Madani

San Francisco, CA, USA

Freelance Writer & Copy Editor

Recommended 2x
Lee Thompson's avatar
Top Independent

Lee Thompson

The Bahamas

Copywriter, Brand Strategist, & Email Marketer

Recommended 4x
Joshua Bernard's avatar
Top Independent

Joshua Bernard

Martinsville, VA 24112, USA

Creative SEO writer for hire ✍️

Alli Fowler's avatar

Alli Fowler

New York, NY, USA

Business Strategist | Writer| Social Media Manager

Norhan Ahmed's avatar
Top Independent

Norhan Ahmed

New York, NY, USA

Creative beyond words📝

Recommended 3x
Anup Kotur's avatar

Anup Kotur


Crafting beautiful and scalable brands ✨

Aqsa Ibrar's avatar

Aqsa Ibrar


Engaging content that captivates

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The quality of independents on Contra is top-notch, and the onboarding process is one to model. Being able to speak with a team member to truly understand what we needed as well as offer suggestions of talent in the network was a whole new experience for me.

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Live Streaming Platform

Love, love, love. Contra is an amazing place to find flexible, creative talent. The process of getting to know independents through their profiles was incredibly easy and fast.

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Platform for Async Collaboration

The talent I find on Contra has been excellent. But aside from that, Contra’s community differentiates Contra from other freelancing platforms. I love the responsiveness of the Contra team, and how invested they are in your success. I actually pay freelancers I’ve found outside of Contra through Contra because I love the platform so much, especially that they don’t take a cut of your payment.

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Grounded Insights
UX Research Consulting Firm

I used to waste hours trying to find talent. Switching to Contra was 10x on my time, energy and money as an Entrepeneur and Creator. Lauren was a perfect fit from day one, and I couldn’t have found someone of this calibor without Contra.

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Creator Store

I can vouch for Contra that it is a great hiring tool. I shoot my shot and the candidates I keep seeing are incredible.The process took minutes and the support I always get from their team is 10/10.

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Cecilia Reusch
Community Strategist

Freelancers on Contra come across very professionally. They actually seem to read your job posting and have directly relevant skills, which isn’t always the case on most other freelancer sites. On Contra, freelancers who matched with my job seemed to have the relevant skills I was seeking.

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Joseph Liu
Career Consultant
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Frequently asked

Article writing is a form of content writing, but specifically for publication in various media such as newspapers, magazines, websites, and online blogs. Articles are typically written to convey information or ideas on a particular topic or subject, and are often researched and structured to provide readers with a clear and informative understanding of the subject matter.

Article writing may involve conducting extensive research on a topic, organizing and presenting the information in a logical and engaging manner, and editing the content to ensure it is accurate, concise, and compelling.

Article writing is a form of content writing, but specifically for publication in various media such as newspapers, magazines, websites, and online blogs. Articles are typically written to convey information or ideas on a particular topic or subject, and are often researched and structured to provide readers with a clear and informative understanding of the subject matter.

Article writing may involve conducting extensive research on a topic, organizing and presenting the information in a logical and engaging manner, and editing the content to ensure it is accurate, concise, and compelling.

An article writer is responsible for creating written content for various media such as newspapers, magazines, websites, and online blogs. Some of the tasks that an article writer may perform include:

  1. Conducting research: An article writer needs to research extensively on a topic before writing an article. They need to gather information from various sources like books, journals, online resources, and interviews.
  2. Writing: After conducting research, the article writer will start writing or drafting the article. The article will typically include an introduction, body, and conclusion. In addition to providing valuable information, the article should also engage and educate the reader.
  3. Editing and proofreading: An article writer must edit and proofread their work to ensure that it is free of errors and mistakes. They need to check their grammar, punctuation, formatting, and spelling to ensure the article is well polished and professional-looking.
  4. Meeting deadlines: An article writer may work on different assignments simultaneously and must ensure they meet deadlines.
  5. Keeping up to date: An article writer should keep up to date with the latest developments in their field of interest, as this is essential for producing relevant and insightful content.

Overall, a good article writer is someone who can engage readers, provide valuable information, and present ideas in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner.

There are several reasons why hiring an article writer can be beneficial:

  1. Saves time: Creating quality content requires time and effort. By hiring an article writer, business owners or managers can save time and focus on other important tasks.
  2. Professionalism: Hiring a professional writer ensures that the content is well-written, polished, and engaging. This reflects positively on the brand or business and enhances its credibility.
  3. Expertise: An article writer brings specialized skill and knowledge to the table, thus providing valuable insights and fresh perspectives on the topic. This helps to make the content an authoritative source of information.
  4. Consistency: By hiring an article writer for regular content creation, businesses can ensure that they publish content with a consistent voice and message across various marketing channels.
  5. Content Marketing & Search engine optimization (SEO): A professional article writer can ensure that the content is SEO optimized for search engines, which increases the likelihood of the content ranking highly in search results and generating traffic to the website.
  6. Cost-effective: Hiring an article writer is often more cost-effective than hiring a full-time in-house writer. It also allows businesses to tailor the amount and type of work they require to their specific needs.

Overall, hiring an article writer can help businesses create high-quality content that engages the audience, enhances brand reputation, and drives traffic to their website.

When looking to hire an article writer, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Define what you need: Determine what type of content you require, the tone, and the target audience. This will help you identify what kind of writer you need.
  2. Look at writer's background: Consider hiring writers with a background in journalism, communication, or creative writing. You can check their portfolio, experience, and skills on Contra.
  3. Consider a writing sample: Ask for a writing sample from potential writers. It can give you a better idea of their writing style, tone, and language.
  4. Check references: Ask for references or testimonials from previous clients or employers. This can help you understand their work ethics, professionalism, and the quality of work they deliver.
  5. Discuss rates and payment: Have a discussion with potential writers about their rates and payment terms. You can also agree on the deadlines and revisions based on your needs.
  6. Provide clear guidelines: Clearly state the content guidelines, audience, tone, and style you expect. Make sure to provide all the necessary information your article writer may need to produce great content.

By following these steps, you can find and hire a professional article writer who can create engaging, useful, and shareable content to achieve your goals.

Article writers may use a variety of software tools to assist them in their work. Here are some of the most common software tools used by article writers:

  1. Word processors: Most article writers use a word processor to write and edit their articles. Popular options include Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages.
  2. Grammar and spell-checking tools: Software tools like Grammarly and Hemingway can help article writers check their work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and suggest improvements.
  3. Research tools: Article writers may use research tools like Google Scholar, JSTOR, LexisNexis, and similar databases to find accurate and relevant information for their articles.
  4. Content management systems (CMS): Some article writers may use content management systems, such as WordPress or Drupal, to manage their content and publish it online.
  5. Collaboration tools: Article writers may use collaboration tools like Trello or Asana to communicate and manage work with other members of their team.
  6. Plagiarism checkers: Tools such as Turnitin or Grammarly can detect plagiarism in an article and check if it needs correction or modifications to avoid potential copyright issues.

Overall, the software tools an article writer uses will depend on their preferences and needs. The main priority during article writing is to write informative and engaging articles which meet the specific requirements of the intended audience or target market.

Freelancers are paid commission-free on Contra. They may charge per project, per hour, or per milestone. Freelancers get paid for the work they produce for their clients. Clients must pay a minimum of $250 or $25 an hour to post an opportunity on Contra.

The cost of hiring a freelance writing professional may vary depending on a few factors. Some of the factors that may affect the cost of hiring an article writer include:

  1. Experience and expertise of the writer: Experienced and expert writers may charge higher rates than new or less-experienced writers.
  2. Length and complexity of the article: Longer and more complex articles may require more research and time to write, which may increase the cost.
  3. Frequency of articles: If you require frequent articles, then the writer may offer volume discounts.
  4. Niche specializations: Article writers with knowledge or specialized backgrounds may charge a higher premium for their skills.

As a general ballpark, freelance article writers may charge anywhere from $10 - $200 per hour or per article depending on the type of project and expertise required. Some article writers may also charge on a per-word basis, which could range from 1-3 cents per word to 25 cents or more per word, depending on the complexity and expertise of the writer.

Price comparisons and negotiating with your chosen article writer is important to ensure that their work meets quality standards, fits within your budget and adequately satisfies your needs.

The amount an article writer makes can vary widely depending on several factors such as experience, expertise, specialization, and where they work. Most article writers work as freelancers who set their own rates and schedules. Some may charge by the hour or by the number of words in an article.

According to PayScale, the average hourly rate for a freelance article writer is around $25. However, depending on the writer's experience, the rate can range anywhere from $10 per hour to as much as $100 per hour. The range may also vary depending on the field. For example, article writers who specialize in high-level technical writing may charge higher rates than those who write general articles.

Keep in mind that many article writers work on a project-by-project basis, so their income may vary depending on their workload and the demand for their services. In general, strong article writers with a portfolio of writing experiences and niche skills can command more fees than those without those credentials.

If you're interested in working as an article writer, here are some steps you can take to get started:

  1. Develop your writing skills: Practice your writing skills by writing consistently on a daily or weekly basis. This can help to improve your writing style and flow, and enhance your ability to communicate ideas effectively.
  2. Read widely: Read blogs, articles and books in your respective industry or niche to expand your knowledge and inform your writing. By exposing yourself to different styles and voices, you can begin to develop your own writing voice.
  3. 3. Choose a writing niche: Consider writing topics that inspire you, that you have excellent knowledge of and have already acquired deep insights on. By identifying a specific area to specialize in, it helps you focus on writing quality and becoming an expert in that niche.
  4. Build a writing portfolio on Contra: Compile writing samples that showcase your writing style and abilities. You may want to include a mix of different article types and genres to highlight your versatility.
  5. Look for writing job opportunities: Research Contra for job listings to identify writing opportunities. Consider blog writing or working for a media company to build your experience and establish a network of clients. You can also offer your services as a freelance writer to businesses, agencies and publications that fit your niche.
  6. Build connections and network: It's important to recognize the value of networking as an article writer. Attend events, workshops and conferences within your niche or writing industry to meet others, build your connections and find potential clients.

Overall, starting in the article writing industry requires dedication and continuous improvement of your writing skills. Over time, building a track record of well-executed projects will enable you to increase your value by attracting higher-paying gigs and new clients.

Becoming an article writer can take varying amounts of time depending on an individual's level of dedication, passion, and commitment. Here are some factors affecting the amount of time it may take to become an article writer:

  1. Writing ability: Some writers may have more natural writing ability than others, which can speed up the learning process.
  2. Education and training: A degree or certification in journalism, creative writing, or English can certainly improve the quality of one's writing, but is not necessary.
  3. Practice and experience: Consistent practice and experience in writing articles can help an individual improve their skills and gain greater speed in producing quality content. You could consider blogging to get started and comfortable with short and long form writing.
  4. Niche specialization: Becoming knowledgeable in a particular field or niche can help a writer become an expert in that area of writing. This requires time to accumulate knowledge and insights.

In general, it can take several months to a few years to become a proficient article writer. It depends on the time and focus you dedicate to improving writing and researching abilities. Regular writing practice, evaluation and constructive feedback from peers and mentors, combined with a commitment to continual learning, is critical to building industry writing skills and preparing to work as an article writer.

Yes, article writing can be a good career for those who have strong writing skills, a passion for creating engaging content, and an interest in a particular area or niche. Here are some reasons why article writing can be a good career:

  1. Freedom and flexibility: Article writers have the freedom and flexibility to choose their own working hours, their clients and projects, and work from anywhere as long as their deadlines are met.
  2. Constant learning: As an article writer, you are always learning new information and improving your writing skills through research, interviews and collaborative meetings with experts in your niche or field.
  3. Exposure: Those whose articles get published have the potential to become popular within their niche, be widely cited and showcase their abilities.
  4. Earning potential: Quality article writers who are experts and experienced can make a healthy living, but it may take time to get to this point.
  5. Opportunities: In addition to writing, article writers can also look for other opportunities in the field, such as editing, proofreading and content-related roles in various firms.

Overall, article writing offers a great opportunity for those interested in making a career out of their writing skills and expertise. Although competition may be stiff, continuous improvement as an expert in your chosen field or niche can set you up for success.

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