The One Hour Star Wars Trilogy: A PARODY!

Marleena Garris

Brand Designer
Digital Marketer

This project resulted in SALES!

As the social media copywriter + collaborator, marketing communications and assignments are also delegated by me.

Here's the sitch:

Brief 🎫

Create a fresh campaign for a company that isn't known for it's social media outreach. St. Louis Shakespeare and Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre have two major obstacles.

1) The major company has a similar name to the other large classical company in the area

2) The outreach needed to be wider spread beyond word of mouth.

The goal for the Star Wars Trilogy Parody was ambitious: Sell. Out. Shows.

Write for the new audience target or possible patron - what would make this show worth going to? Who is going to this show? What are the questions that will come up? The goal was to make posts and content that included emails, graphics, and updates that will get people excited, laughing, and coming to the shows!

Execution Included:

  • Changing the paper trail of marketing materials to a virtual-only marketing campaign. This meant email newsletters went out more frequently, social media reminders and follow-ups continued through the run of the show, and updates were more common on chats + ad updates.
  • Interaction with comments and updates in Meta business suite, alongside cohesion of primary and secondary social media accounts (otherwise dormant)
  • Outreach to performance venue to post QR codes for the show in addition to a limited amount of programs.

Test posts for engagement. We are actively working with new ideas and outside-the-box thinking. Collaboration and breaking patterns is helping us big time here! Looking at posts that did well, we ran a total of four ads at 20 USD. That's 80 dollars for the whole campaign in comparison to the 100+ that would have made up a paper trail before our work.

see the full gambit @stlshakes on insta!


Our project is concluded - I was actively involved in press releases, email newsletters, campaigns, social graphics and copywriting. I wanted people to be just as pumped about this as we are!

We managed to emerge with:

-Less than 1 USD for our CPA WITH and WITHOUT comp ticket sales.

-a little over 11,000 USD in total sales with most of our shows sold out.

Taking this project solo, I fully leaned into my experience with digital creation and literary analysis to create a campaign I believed would be compelling for the members of the public while taking into consideration what they are used to.

In the end of run, we sold out 5 of 6 shows. The profit was over 11 thousand dollars with almost no money spent through paper marketing.

Please contact me about press release editing, email campaign creation, and documents!

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