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Create an engaging and compelling article on assigned subject: The heightened and diverse presence of robotic services, servers, and more in the hospitality industry. Specific analysis on prefered presentation of robots and a theory on why, with the help of initial case study. Allocate spaces for breakdown, and addition of quotes + data from sources affiliated with the subject.

Write from the perspective and tone of Breakthrough and The Academic, with an authoritative tone that combined informative narration with keyword-driven data to produce the best possible breakdown of data assigned by client.

Research supplementary sources that compliment the research in the article, allowing for backlink usage and data gathering for future projects connected to the robotic hospitality sphere.


An article on femme presenting robots are preferred over their male counterparts.

I must admit, I saw this one coming.

Breakthrough and its partner publication, The Academic have an informative tone with a pinch of narrative material. The information is presented in a way where the reader is curious to know the origin and how other ideas may be connected, so with the assigned topics + partnership, I enjoyed taking an investigative approach to this unique blend of informative and investigative content writing.

For this particular article, there is already a wealth of data on femme presenting robots, just in the ones that we do not particularly see such as Alexa, Google's Siri, and the like. The Washington State study offers a breakdown on why the ones in person are preferred, and with the invention of new robots, such as the more famous Sophia, a Hong Kong based robot that rose to international notoriety being the first to break many (robotic records?) there was a wealth of data to choose from.

Read about this fascination with robots below.

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