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Create a breakdown article on cozy mysteries with internal and external links, as well as meeting photo, word, and editing requirements.

Write in the informative and entertaining voice of MovieWeb when talking about entertainment topics. In this case, how cozies became popular in media and otherwise.

Research supplementary sources that compliment the research in the article, allowing for backlink usage and data gathering for future projects - properly source and connect photos with television shows, keeping keyword and format agreed by client in mind when organizing the material.


An article on the popularity and rise of cozies!

MovieWeb and its affiliate sites have an informative but entertaining approach when it comes to show, television, and movie evaluations. The breakdown of cozies was a choice of my own that had yet to be covered, and I had a blast writing it! The subsections fit perfectly with my second article about Columbo, and helped define some terms that were not already on the site, so it was a double win for me.

Read about the age of detective fiction below:

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