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Create a breakdown article on Columbo seasons, ranked. This was a self pitched article that had a bunch of potential.

Write in the informative and entertaining voice of MovieWeb when talking about entertainment topics. In this case, how each season ranked and why in this long-form detective 'howcatchem'

Research supplementary sources that compliment the research in the article, allowing for backlink usage and data gathering for future projects - properly source and connect photos with television shows, keeping keyword and format agreed by client in mind when organizing the material.


An article with the breakdown of each season and its significance, as well as how it measures up against the rest.

MovieWeb and its affiliate sites have an informative but entertaining approach when it comes to show, television, and movie evaluations. Columbo is one of the shows that there wasn't a lot of buzz on, luckily I have a hyperfixation.

Read about the rumpled holmes below:

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