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This project is spec work.

I currently work remotely, on a volunteer-basis with the social media and copywriting campaign for all aspects of this theatrical company. This comes from my passion to share the storytelling capabilities I know this company has with its region in an effort to better support and sustain the arts in this area. As the social media copywriter + collaborator, marketing communications and assignments are also delegated by me.

Some items that I create in the process don't get used, but I still love them!

Here's the sitch:

Brief 🎫

Create a popping flyer for a new show set to hit for the season. The show was set to be in a "Choose Your Own" type of production, so I was more than pumped about it (anyone else collected these?)

Write for all ages. The flyer would be passed out to a wide range of people, so the announcement needs to be engaging, but recognizable.

Research inspiration based off of classical books of the similar name.


After taking a look at the original books, I decided the turnaround time would be too much to do full on illustration, but I could create something reminiscent with Over (now GoDaddy Studio) and Canva. The result was a cover recognizable to any age who was a fan of the original CYOA series, giving a nod to the OG while keeping our space theme for the relevant production.

The originals! The outline around each cover illustration, and the trademark RED that grazed the top of every book stood out to me. I knew I had to include them in the inspired design.
The inspired design contains the same RED and outline with nods to the theatre company and theme (starry background!) I also echoed the text of the book and the text of the original opening scroll in the Star Wars movies for fans to get excited about!
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