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Marleena Garris

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Brief 🌸

- Craft a TikTok script for Scentbird featuring (1) concept and (4) hooks.

- Demonstrate attention to detail, analytical creativity, and brand research.


Create a 'Main Character Concept,' empowering users in crafting their scent of choice within the brand ethos.

Write hooks balancing relatable scenarios and the individuality that comes with choosing a product in the profiles.

Research into TikTok trends and Scentbird's ethos, ensuring alignment with the brand and bottom line to create a scent and experience for both the user (on the clock app) and the browser (on the web) ___


In this TikTok script for Scentbird, I embraced the "Main Character Concept," aligning with the brand's ethos of empowering users to curate their own fragrance story.

Script✨ Concept: I am the protagonist.

- Capture the essence of Scentbird's mission—users as main characters in their fragrance journey.

Highlight individuality, customization, and self-expression through curated scents.

Hook 1: Crusty Perfume

- Start with a relatable scenario using the blue eyeshadow filter and scream sound effect.

Showcase frustration with generic perfumes, introducing Scentbird as the solution for a personalized and curated fragrance experience.

Hook 2: Scent of the Day

- Feature a stylish matching outfit to Scentbird vials. Emphasize the vast fragrance collection and the appeal of gifting a subscription.

Use the voiceover to add a playful touch and engage the audience.

Hook 3: Fragrance Transformation with Trixie Mattel

- Create a "get ready with me" transition using Ruby Red scent. (reg to glam)

-Connect to the Scentworld podcast and Trixie Mattel's influence, showcasing Scentbird as a tool for personal transformation and celebrity connection.

Hook 4: Live Like a Lead in Sex and the City

- Play on the Sex and the City theme song, positioning Scentbird as the key to living a fabulous, lead-character life. You know the POV

Incorporate Espresso Shot fragrance, coffee, and the quintessential "Sex In the City" vibe. (This is the one that MUST go with a coffee. No exceptions. I cannot get it out of my head.)


A script that captures the vibe and tone of Scentbird with hilarious + relatable UGC content.

If I don't laugh at these, I don't send them, but the sounds proposed in the document alongside Scentbird's actual real-time appeal makes this a match made in heaven.

The main character/choose your own ______ trend is right up this brands' alley. Want to take a peek at the script and get a behind the scenes pov from me?

Peep it here

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