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Madi 💫
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Our team chatted with Ifeoma Ahuna to learn about their freelance journey and what helped them be successful on Contra.

What kind of work do you do?

I spent 2 years working as a Social Media Manager working with a variety of brands on content strategy, content creation, and community building. Last year I pivoted to full-time content creation for my personal brand, while building a brand + community for ambitious dreamers called Sans Raison.

Now I manage my own content, my brand, and work as a UGC creator for brands!

Check out Ifeoma's new brand:

How did you get started with that?

I’ve always loved social media since I was a kid! I was glued to YouTube and found the idea of curating photos and videos so fun and interesting. It was a way to bring your ideas into life and I always found myself doing that in my free time, before and after work.

It was in 2020 though when I quit my corporate job to explore Marketing and dove into the world of freelancing that I made it a real career. After working with a few clients, I knew freelancing was much more my style!

What freelancing challenges does Contra solve for your business?

2 big pillars for me especially as newer freelancer: certainty and community. We all know how vast the entrepreneurship world can feel and Contra really makes me feel at home!

Having a community of freelancers and entrepreneurs to talk to makes me feel heard, seen, and confident in what I do. Not to mention, knowing that there are systems and infrastructure through their tools made for me to succeed calms all my nerves when looking for clients and getting them set up.

You’ve been on Contra for a long time now, what has changed since you first signed up?

The thing is, everything just keeps getting better! I’m wowed every time with how much detail the Contra team puts on every step of the process whether it’s finding clients, invoicing, contracts, portfolios.

I think Contra has really become a one-stop-shop and is the first place I come to when I’m ready for work. The community has also grown closer I feel and it’s very exciting in a job that can be isolating sometimes.

Ifeoma Ahuna on Contra

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What’s a goal you have for your freelancing 1 year from now?

1 year from now, I’d love to be fully creating content for the brands I admire/love full-time, as well as for myself!

What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring freelancers?

  1. Be persistent even if it feels slow in the beginning, because things can change very fast!
  2. As you grow and get more comfortable, get more specific on your offer and keep raising those prices 😊
  3. Be open to pivoting and always stay curious!

Madi 💫
Community at Contra ✨
Hi, I'm Madi ✨ I connect independents with resources + support to take control of their independent career! 🚀 In my free time, you can usually find me reading or exploring a local cafe ☕️

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