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Madi 💫
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Our team chatted with Pradyumn Vaishnav to learn about their freelance journey and what helped them be successful on Contra.

What are you working on right now?

Presently, I am immersed in the development of a startup where I hold a key partnership role. 🚀 This venture primarily focuses on Software as a Service (SaaS), and I've been actively involved in its ongoing progress for a significant period ⏰. Additionally, I am actively working on a WordPress project, creating new pages for a client.

How is 2024 starting off for you and your freelancing?

My 2024 kicked off on a positive note, especially from a freelancing perspective. I find myself actively engaged in discussions for multiple projects with clients. Simultaneously, the startup I'm involved in is gearing up for launch. Exciting times ahead! In addition to my commitment to the startup, I am currently in discussions with clients about 3 to 4 potential projects 🤩 These projects, encompassing both web development and design work, are still in the negotiation phase and have not yet been finalized. Engaging in these discussions underscores my proactive approach to expanding my portfolio and establishing meaningful connections with potential clients.

Can you tell us one goal you are working towards this year?

In 2024, my primary goal would be to achieve some financial strength and expand my freelancing network 🌟 Through Contra, I've already connected with numerous remarkable individuals. This year, my aim is to further expand my network to an entirely new level, fostering connections, and collaborating with a diverse team of talented Independents. I'm eager to broaden my horizons, knowing more people, and creating opportunities for meaningful collaboration.

What is your favorite Contra feature and why?

When it comes to Contra, pinpointing a single favorite feature is a challenge because there are several aspects that stand out to me. Firstly, the way Contra adeptly matches freelancers with the best-suited jobs has been immensely beneficial to my work. Additionally, Contra's exceptional treatment of freelancers sets it apart – creating an environment that values and respects independent professionals.

One standout feature is the absence of a commission fee. Having worked on other popular platforms, the burden of commissions has often been an obstacle. With Contra's zero commission policy, it significantly enhances the overall experience, allowing me to focus more on my work and less on overhead costs. It's truly a game-changer in the freelancing landscape.

Getting clients is something we hear a lot of freelancers struggle with, especially early on. How did you connect with your most recent freelance client?

Starting my freelancing journey, the initial year had a lot of challenges. Navigating client connections, negotiation nuances, and effectively showcasing my skills demanded focused efforts. To address these challenges, I dedicated time to enhance communication skills and have a perfect portfolio.

A fundamental aspect of my journey has been engaging with other freelancers. Learning from their experiences, gaining insights, and sharing knowledge has significantly contributed to my professional growth.

My most recent client was secured through Contra. I provided a clear detail of how I would approach the project and provided some suggestions as well and convinced the client of my suitability. This proactive communication led to a successful meeting.

Other important things would be having a strong portfolio but also actively participating in freelancer communities. So from my experience, effective communication, a robust portfolio, community engagement, and active client interaction collectively play a vital role in building a successful freelancing career.

Spill: what is your top tip for finding success on Contra?

I would say 🤔 showcase your skills effectively. Ensure that your portfolio reflects a comprehensive view of your capabilities by adding every project done by you and every solution you have provided to your clients. Additionally, building an amazing network with other independents within the Contra community could really help and open up new opportunities and collaborations. They’re really amazing 🤩

Madi 💫
Community at Contra ✨
Hi, I'm Madi ✨ I connect independents with resources + support to take control of their independent career! 🚀 In my free time, you can usually find me reading or exploring a local cafe ☕️

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