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Zoë Colivas
· 3 min read

When Contra launched in 2019, we had a pretty simple mission: to empower project-based workers. For freelancers, that means providing them with the tools they need to launch, build, and grow a business and get paid commission-free. For companies, teams, and individuals looking to work with freelancers, that means offering a single platform to discover, hire, and manage the world’s best freelancers.

Over the years, we’ve expanded what freelancers and hiring clients can do with Contra while maintaining our core support of independent professionals—we believe freelancers should keep 100% of what they earn, always. That won’t change. But to keep our focus on supporting freelancers and project-based work, we are making some small changes.

Starting today, hiring clients get to kick off their first project on Contra for free. That means they can work with a freelancer on any one-time project without extra cost (or one ongoing project for the first month for free). After that, a $29 contract fee will be added for each project. This change will enable us to continue to build and grow the best platform for independent work.

How the new pricing works

  • Hiring clients will always get to try out their first project for free (or, if the first project is ongoing, the first month is free). That means you can post a job or kick off a project directly with a freelancer, set the scope, manage deliverables, get a compliant contract, and manage payments for zero cost.
  • After that free project, hiring clients pay $29 for each one-time project, or $29/month for ongoing projects.
  • You can still post jobs, browse freelancers, and invite freelancers to join your network on Contra for free.

What you get with a Contra project

  • Compliant contracts
  • Simple invoicing and payment tools
  • Project management tools for communication and deliverables
  • Access to Contra’s Support team for any and all questions
  • Freelancers get paid commission-free (which is how we attract top talent who know their worth)

Access unlimited projects with Contra for Teams

If you work with multiple freelancers or want to manage freelancers with your team, Contra for Teams might be right for you. Learn more here about how to access a collaborative workspace that’s built for companies hiring and managing freelancers. With Contra for Teams, access unlimited projects without the additional contract fee.

We’re excited for what’s coming up on Contra and can’t wait to share the new tools and features we’re working on. Thanks for being part of this community that’s redefining the future of work.

Zoë Colivas
Building Products, Teams & Communities @ Contra ✨
Hi 👋 I am Zoë! Head of Operations here at Contra. If you have any questions or feedback about Contra, send me a message!

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