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Kamal Thakarsey
· 3 min read

Our early focus on freelancers

We launched Contra in 2019 because the existing freelance marketplaces weren’t setting freelancers up to be successful. High commission fees meant subpar earnings, and a lack of functional tools or quality work opportunities gave us the idea to build a better product to help freelancers make a profession out of independent work.

We started with our focus on the freelancer experience because that’s where we saw the most opportunity for change and betterment:

  • Commission-free payments for freelancers is the core of what we do and how we’re different from other platforms, and why the highest quality freelancers who know their worth can be found on Contra. No more giving up 20% or more for your job well done.
  • Providing all the tools in one place to simplify the freelance journey. No need to pay for 5+ apps when you can manage invoicing, contracts, payments, and more through Contra.
  • Democratizing better technology like AI-powered profiles and portfolios so freelancers can quickly and easily put their best foot forward.
  • Enabling opportunities to find meaningful work with incredible companies who respect freelancers.

More love for the hiring experience

Of course, freelancers can only succeed when they have high quality clients, and we’ve always prided ourselves on attracting top hiring companies, too. Today, we’re excited to expand our offerings for what those companies can do on Contra.

New collaboration tools to easily hire and manage a freelance workforce

We’ve always been the place for companies, teams, and individuals to find, hire, and get work done with the world’s best freelancers. We designed the client-side experience to make it simple to manage projects, invoices, and hiring in one place.

Recently, we’ve been digging into ways that we can uplevel the hiring experience for companies. We found that more and more teams on Contra are sharing freelance resources, so we’re rolling out a collaboration tools that make it easier for multiple people to collaborate on the complete freelance workflow.

Meet Contra for Teams 🤝

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been testing new features that let companies bring their whole team to Contra to get more done together. Turns out, work really is better when you do it with all your people all in one place. Starting today, anybody can try out our new collaboration features with Contra for Teams.

How it works

  • One workspace for your team to hire and manage freelancers: Give your team full visibility into roles you’re hiring for, candidates who have applied, and see project chats and statuses.
  • Shared access for your entire team: Invite your team to collaborate on posting job opportunities, reviewing candidates, and managing projects—from reviewing proposals to communicating with freelancers to approving work and paying invoices.

Invite your team members onto Contra today to start working together on all freelancer hiring and project collaboration needs.

Invite your team members

Looking for a better way to manage contractors? Contra’s freelancer management system (FMS) streamlines communication to keep projects organized. Start a free …

New pricing for Contra for Hiring

As we focus on reimagining the client side experience, we’re making changes to our general pricing for the first time since we launched in 2019. Starting today, here’s how it breaks down for those who aren’t subscribed to Contra for Teams:

  • Work with your first freelancers for free—forever—no matter how many projects you engage them with.
  • Starting with your second freelancer and beyond, pay $19 per contract for a one-time service, or $19 per month per freelancer for ongoing projects.
  • It’s still free to post job opportunities, and browse and discover incredible freelancers.

Want to get started with hiring? Browse freelancers, post job opportunities, and find the perfect match for your project today.

Hire on Contra

Contra is the Independent-first, commission-free freelance marketplace shaping the future of work. You bring the skills, we provide the tools and opportunities.
Kamal Thakarsey
Marketing at Contra
Hi! I run Marketing at Contra and am excited to continue to help get the word out about all the fun and exciting things we’re building for our customers. Would love to chat if you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can help you make your life easier.

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