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Maksim Borisov

3D Designer
UX Designer
UI Designer

Splinespiration is my own project where I collected my works made in the Spline app. So other people can download those web 3D projects for educational purposes. At this moment there are more than 30 works. Based on this library people can create new experiences.

Below you can see a set of my favorite Spline works. This showcase in showing the level of quality that could be achieved in the Spline app.

All these works and much more you can find on my personal project:

The Soap

This work is an example of how realistic could be materials in the Spline app. This is a fully web interactive 3D scene.

Try the demo!

Digital Pass

I try to create not only realistic material in spline but also optimized scenes for use on the web.

Try the demo!

Interactive phone mockup

Good idea for presenting your mobile app

Try the demo!

Galaxy rollercoaster

Spline scenes could be more than just animated objects. Fasten your seatbelts.

Try the demo!

Distorted spiral

It can reflect while you hover it.

Try the demo!

See more my spline experiments here:

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