Phunk 3d characters

Maksim Borisov

3D Designer
Graphic Designer
Interaction Designer
Phunk Creative LTD

I was fortuned to create a visual set of characters for the new Phunk website. The task included designing 3D characters as web interactive models for the next web integration and set of static images. So every model had 2 versions: optimized for web usage and HQ for static images.

All models, interactions, and animations were made in the Spline app.

The Robot model

Work started by creating drafts of the 3D models based on sketches provided by Phunk. The main goal here was to get the "right shape". At this step is important to build a model that will have as less polygons as possible so then it will load fast on the web. But at the same time, the shape should be smooth and beautiful.

the clay model

After the model was approved, I started to work on "materials". In this step, it is important to make materials look realistic, but not too much, because the stylization is about a "toy" feeling. Materials also can affect performance, so the challenge was to make a balanced material set that looks good and works well.

The robot model represents the phunk software development services.

The Boy model

The boy model as well as the robot started from the sketch provided Phunk team. The first operation is a clay 3d model. This model has much more details than others. For example: backpack (and a little battle), glasses, watches, the hat which has a fabric texture. This model is the most detailed, which is a big challenge at the same time, as because this model should be optimized for the web.

The boy model represents the graphic design service.

The Girl model

The girl represents the phunk's web design service.

The set of static images:

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