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Maksim Borisov

Graphic Designer
UX Designer
UI Designer
Primark Corporation
EPAM Systems

Here below you can find in a short way other projects I participated in. For all my years of design experience, there were a lot of other companies, startups, projects, and activities where I worked as a freelancer or employee. - fintech app

About project

Humans Group is a company that creates its own products for the American and Uzbekistan markets. - Mobile banking and telecom app in one - now launched on the Uzbekistan market.

My role

A whole team of designers worked on this project. For my part, it was, for example, the design of some pages, flow functions, and the creation and description of animations.


About project

Primark is a UK chain of stores. While working for EPAM company, I was assigned to this project. The task was to redesign (improve) the existing website.

My role

Working in a team I usually designed some new pages and helped to prepare prototypes for testing. “Click and collect” is one of the pages I worked on.


About project

Nanosaur was a startup. The idea was to create a mobile application where users can earn crypto by participating in bets.

My role

Nanosaur was one of these startups where I provided a design concept (proof of concept).


GESA is an American credit union. For this company, I designed a mobile application for a loyalty program. While working for EPAM company, I was assigned to this project.

My role

The was a task to create a mobile app from scratch. With our team, we collected all important information from customers, and I designed this app.


Nonogram is a puzzle known as a Japanese crossword puzzle. The player fills in the fields for certain combinations and eventually gets an image. The game is available in the AppStore.

In this project, we worked out every small detail, and we tested a lot of prototypes of different interfaces, color themes, and illustrations. Made a lot of animations for every interaction.

Thanks to its relative ease of use, pleasant and well-developed gamification, animation, and good UX, unlike competitors, this game became one of the most successful mobile games in Easybrain’s portfolio.

There was very big attention to animation, so it was always a process like - create, animate, test!


BlockuDoku is a simple time-killer game. The player must destroy as many blocks as possible until the field is completely filled. Just like in Tetris. This app tried to repeat the success of the previous game - Nonogram. The scheme is the same, because it works. Just a different game. This was again a moment where I animating at least more than designing.

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