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Manoj sharma's avatar

Manoj sharma


Full Stack Web Developer 💻

Oleksii Aleksapolskyi's avatar

Oleksii Aleksapolskyi


Python Web Dev: AWS, GCP, Microservices 🐍

Andrew Davis's avatar

Andrew Davis

Tampa, United States

Software & Data Engineer for Your Project

Katie  Svobada's avatar

Katie Svobada

Minsk, Belarus

Frontend Engineer for hire 🚀

Manu Gaur's avatar

Manu Gaur


I am your guy for all your data worries and AI Art

Ankit B's avatar

Ankit B

Redmond, United States

9+ Years Building Data Pipelines ✨ | Data Engineer

Tesnim Hadhri's avatar

Tesnim Hadhri

Berlin, Germany

ML Engineer | Software developer

Robert Gicheha's avatar

Robert Gicheha

Nairobi, Kenya

Innovative Fullstack Engineer | Python,JS Expert

Mo Sheikh's avatar

Mo Sheikh

Houston, United States

Shopify Expert & Klaviyo Email Marketer

Kebron Abiy's avatar

Kebron Abiy

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Versatile Fullstack Engineer

René Uwumuhire's avatar

René Uwumuhire

Kigali City, Rwanda

🚀 Fullstack Developer & UI/UX Designer Proficient in React

Jeffrey Li's avatar

Jeffrey Li

Shanghai, China

Chinese market research and market entry consultant

Jesse Ross's avatar

Jesse Ross

United Kingdom

Engineer & Fullstack Developer: Websites That Convert

Pavel Ježek's avatar

Pavel Ježek


Transforming Data into Business Success

ency Consulting LLP's avatar

ency Consulting LLP


Solving problems and delivering success

Mayank Nega's avatar

Mayank Nega

San Francisco, United States

Technical Product management & Innovation expert

CJ Andrews's avatar

CJ Andrews

Virginia, United States

Business Analyst|PM|Data/Solution Architect

Oluwatobi Giwa's avatar

Oluwatobi Giwa


Building Secure Web & Mobile Apps

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