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Samantha Taylor
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Contra allows anyone to build their digital portfolio, get discovered by clients around the world, and earn money commission-free. 💸

Unlike other professional platforms, you can showcase your skills through projects (not resumes!). You have the chance to build your trusted community all while getting hired to do the work you love.

We offer tools from built-in contracts, payment tools, messaging, and everything in between; Contra is the only platform you need to start your independent journey. 🚀

Here's a brief rundown on all of the guides that live on this page, and how these can help you while you’re building out your online professional identity. 👇

Build Your Contra Profile

Your Contra profile is your portfolio, so taking the time to add in your experience and offerings is a must. Update it with your latest and greatest projects, and let everyone know that you’re open for new opportunities with your services.

Getting Hired on Contra

Getting matched to top-tier opportunities is easier than ever with your Contra profile. Here are some tips to get you matched with them sooner.

Getting Paid on Contra

At Contra, we know how frustrating it can be to get paid as an independent— which is why we made it as easy as possible to get paid on our platform. You deserve to get paid for the work that you do, every time.

Hiring on Contra

Contra is both for Independents, and Clients! Here are some guides useful to anyone hiring on Contra. You can also visit our hiring page to post an opportunity!


Make sure to check out our YouTube channel to never miss out on how-to Contra videos + tips for Independents and Clients! 🚀

Samantha Taylor
Social Strategist
Hi, I'm Sam -- community builder 👋 My skills in community management, social media marketing, copywriting and influencer management can be the game-changer for your brand. Let's connect!

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