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Janjira Sun
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Getting paid commission-free has never felt better! In this guide, we’ll be covering what payments are and how to set up your account to start getting paid! 🤑

What are Payments on Contra?

To get paid on Contra, you'll need to have your Contra Payments set up. After this, Clients will be able to pay you (completely commission-free). To get paid, you can either apply to opportunities on the Opportunities Feed, get matched to Opportunities, or bring your own work to Contra. 

Guide to Contra Wallet 💰

Curious about where your payments go? The Contra wallet houses all of the payments you’ve received during your Independent journey.

How do I set up Payments?

Connect an account to receive payments (For Independents)

To get started getting paid on Contra, you'll be prompted to add a payment method to your Wallet. Depending on the country that issued your identification, you may have the option to add a USDC crypto wallet, a debit card, a local bank account in your country, PayPal, or all three ✨

Connect an account to send payments (For Clients)

To send payments to other Independents, you’ll be prompted to add your credit or debit card information. This can be different from the account you receive your payments on!

Clients with a US Bank Account are also able to pay via ACH to avoid potentially high credit card fees.

What happens after?

You’ll receive a “Payments active” badge on your profile, which will let clients know your Contra Wallet is all set up and they can start working with you on a project! 🚀

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