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Samantha Taylor
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If you are available for new work, the next step is making yourself discoverable so Clients can connect with you! On Contra, there are a few ways to do this. This guide will provide helpful tips on how to get started👇

Why It's Important to Be Discoverable 💭

  1. Discoverability as a freelancer allows potential clients to find you, increasing your chances of securing new projects and growing your business.
  2. It builds your personal brand by showcasing your skills, portfolio, and professional reputation to a wide audience.
  3. It promotes trust and credibility, as visibility can be associated with professionalism, reliability, and a proven track record.
  4. Being discoverable also allows you to network with other professionals in your field, opening doors to collaborations and referrals.

Contra's “Discover” Feed 🔍

Discover is our version of search! On our Discover page, Clients can search for Independents by Category, Role, or Tools to find the perfect match 🤝 You can find the link to Discover on your nav bar 🔍

Core Features of Discover

  1. Finding Independents
  2. Saving Independents
  3. Getting in Touch to work together

As a freelancer, your goal should be to stand out and attract the right clients for you. You can do this by ranking higher on the Discover Feed allows you to become more discoverable by clients on the look-out for their next hire. 💪

This is how clients can find you! 👇

How-To Rank on the Discover Feed 🤯

Subscribing to Contra Pro

Those who have a Contra Pro subscription are boosted in the Discover Feed. People who have a strong portfolio on Contra are displayed with a "Contra Pro" badge ✨

Optimizing your Projects

Let's be honest, your clients are browsing through a lot of profiles, applications and so on. Making your work stand out is a must -- and lucky for you, you can do this by optimizing your cover images! Creating cohesive + high quality cover images for your project images in Contra will set you apart!

Optimizing your Services

Your services should be clear + concise. Your client should never leave your page confused about what you offer! For a bonus tip: if you offer packages, include that in your Contra profile!

Here's how you can improve yours 👇

Update Work Preferences + Accepting New Clients: This is one of the best ways to attract the work you want to take on, and make sure your clients know when you are available for new work!

Using your profile dropdown, navigate to your Work Preferences tab:

  • Work Preferences allow you to get discovered 🔎 when Clients are looking for Independents with your skillset! This is a great way to show off your expertise in a specific area. 🚀
  • Accepting New Clients: Tell us when you’re ready for work! Let Clients know if you are open to work by updating your availability on Contra every month in your account settings!
  • Toggle on the Get in Touch button: This ensures that potential clients can reach out to you if they're interested in your services or want to start a conversation! 💭 If so, a client will reach out with project details, or inquire about a service you already offer!

Read our "Guide to Work Preferences" blog for more information!

Track How you are Performing 📈

Contra Pro subscribers now have access to Pro Analytics! Subscribers are now able to see who viewed their portfolio, what projects/services are being viewed most, and the sources of those views (ie: Instagram). Learn more in this short video! 🎥

Who is Ranking High on Discover? ✨

Here are a few community members on Contra who have ranked at the top of discover and have had paid clients through Contra 🔥

Bonus Tips ➕

  • Share your Portfolio/Profile link on social! (Anamitra Jana (Instagram) | Kristina Lopez (Instagram)
  • Adding your Contra URL to your email signature
  • Sharing your Contra URL with friends and family (you never know who could pass it along!)
  • Already have a Client in mind? Working with someone outside of Contra? Bring them to Contra with ease!

That’s it! Remember, the most important factor of kickstarting your freelance journey is making yourself discoverable.

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