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Signature to Contra's belief in collaboration, both Clients and Independents are able to hire on Contra. Whether you are posting on behalf of a company, or maybe you're an Independent looking to outsource work -- we have your back! 💥

Here's how you can find your next independent and how to post the best opportunity:

Hiring on Contra 💻

Hiring on Contra is a simple 4 step process. We ask you a series of questions about the role, duration, budget and more. Read through the process below to get started!

Step 1. Create a new opportunity ✨

The first step is choosing to create a new opportunity, including a name, budget and timeline. This will help applicants or Independents you share this opportunity with better understand your project needs.

Your budget should indicate the range of what you are prepared to spend on this project, and the timeline should provide a rough idea of how quickly you need this work delivered.

Adding opportunity details

Step 2. Get specific about who you're looking for 💪

Select the skills and tools needed in order to complete your Project. This will help us match you to qualified Independents after you post this opportunity.

Specifying skills and tools

Step 3. Provide more detail ✍️

In this step, you are adding a description of the role which will give freelances a better idea of just what you are looking for. The more context you can provide the better. Here are some details you should include in this section👇

  • Details about the company/agency/project
  • Expected deliverables
  • Scope of work
  • Programs that will be utilized (i.e. Figma, Sketch, Adobe, Sanity)
  • Who the independent will be working with (if any)
Adding a description

Step 4. Decide how you want to hire

Are you searching for new talent for this opportunity, or do you already have someone in mind?

If you are looking to source new candidates for this opportunity on Contra, we recommend posting the opportunity to receive applicants. We will also match you to qualified Independents who we believe would be a perfect fit for the role.

Or if you already have someone in mind, you can keep the opportunity private and share with people from your network directly on Contra or via email.

Setting up your opportunity

Note: If we don't have enough information about the opportunity, we'll send you an email to provide more details before your opportunity gets shared with potential applicants.

And it's easy as that! From there, you can hire the way you want and continue to manage your projects on Contra, commission-free.

Discover Independents 👀

If you want to browse through Independents while you wait, you can check out our Discover page 👇 To reach out, simply navigate to their profile and choose the "Get in Touch" button to send an inquiry; learn more here!

Top Independents

Find our top Independents on Contra!

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