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Learn how to make a personal website and get inspired by powerful websites from the Contra community. Find out what your website must include? 🚀

It seems like everyone has a website these days. Links to personal sites are cropping up in email signatures and social media bios, and freelancer platforms and clients now frequently ask applicants to provide a URL. If you don’t have one yet, you may feel pressure to make one. 

Personal websites are far more than a digital resume or portfolio. Since they're highly visual spaces, and they possess the potential to showcase all that makes you, you. They allow you to create a brand around your work — a voice and aesthetic that represents you! 

There’s another reason that freelancers, in particular, should consider having an online presence. If you work remotely, the pool of potential clients knows no borders, especially on Contra. And nothing connects today’s world quite like the internet. A personal site makes it easier for these clients to find you, get to know you and your work, and take the plunge by reaching out! Physically far-off hiring managers can check out your credentials as if they were just down the street.

Convinced you need a website? Now it’s time to get inspired. Read on to learn what to include on your webpage and view examples of personal sites that get the job done in an exciting, unique way. 

What to put on a personal website 📝

We’ll be straight with you: One of the most daunting parts of making a website (and perhaps the reason you haven’t made one yet) is the sheer amount of customization options web builders offer. Not only do you have access to countless templates, color schemes, and formats — you can add as many content pages as you want.

So what should make the cut? Here are some basics to include on your site: 

  • A short bio: Create a Home or About page that briefly explains who you are and what you do. Limit yourself to essential information and keep the text engaging. The goal is to grab the viewer’s attention and entice them to explore your site further. If you have a one-page portfolio site, head up the page with a tight blurb that explains your work.
  • Your best work: Create a portfolio, resume, or gallery page to highlight your most impressive projects. Include high-quality visuals if you work in art, graphic design, or architecture. This is a great place to include testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • Blog or content updates: Consider including a page where you can post time-sensitive content. Write a professional or personal blog or share updates about upcoming events you’ll be participating in, and add them as projects on Contra, too! 
  • Contact information and social media: Don’t forget to tell potential clients how to reach you. Include a contact form or email address so those interested in collaborating with you can easily reach out after viewing your portfolio. Include links to professional social media accounts, too, so anyone interested can follow your career and further explore your work. 

6 of the best personal website examples 🌟

Seeing exemplary work can inspire you to create your own, so we’ve compiled some compelling personal website ideas from the Contra community. Give these a look to get your creative juices flowing as you make your own site. 

1. Emerald Freelance by Téa Luehne

Aesthetically, this freelance writer’s site capitalizes on inviting neutral tones. The homepage opens strong with brief descriptions of the writer’s work. It features a blog where Luehne shows off her career expertise. She also includes a Services page so viewers can learn more about the scope and pricing of her work.

2. EP Creative by Emre Pektaş

This straightforward, one-page website shows just how much you can achieve in a small yet visually impactful space. In addition to offering a portfolio link, Pektaş takes contact information to the next level with a Google Meet scheduler. 

3. MISSKOUTURE by Kelly Madu 

Fashion lovers can bask in this gorgeous site that could have been torn straight from the pages of a high-end fashion magazine. The refined font and high-quality images show viewers this creator has a powerful and unique aesthetic sensibility. 

4. Karen Le’s Contra Portfolio

Le’s elegantly minimalist site features an Instagram integration that showcases the social media pro’s expertise. It’s an excellent example of how to demonstrate the services you offer by implementing those same skills on your site — in this case, social media management.  

5. Procreatividad by Rodrigo Lamadrid

This copywriter’s welcoming site combines attention-grabbing graphics with a sense of humor. It’s a prime example of what it means to infuse your site with personality. 

6. Sutoscience by Amy Suto

This clean, scroll-style site gives viewers all the info they need on a single page. This multi-hyphenate content creator highlights publications and other key accolades, as well as a social media integration. The space also shows off the writer’s blogging skills. 

How to create a personal website 💻

You’re feeling inspired and motivated, which means it’s a great time to get to work. So how can you get your feet wet in web design? There are many approaches, but if you’re a freelancer, you probably already have plenty on your plate. Simplify the process by creating a personal portfolio page with Contra. Before you go virtual, hit the drawing board with this step-by-step guide to planning your page:

  1. Map out your site: Spend some time planning out what you’d like to include on your site and where each piece should go. Decide what pages you need and the information you’ll include, and draft your content. 
  2. Choose a website builder: Generally, anyone starting a site needs three main components: a web address (domain name), domain hosting, and web-building tools (unless you’re a coding whiz). Many website design platforms offer these three functionalities in a bundle that makes getting online quick and easy. But you can simplify the process by teaming up with Contra to launch a user-friendly portfolio page.
  3. Learn how to make an online portfolio with Contra: All the users mentioned above have stunning sites and portfolio pages with Contra. If you create a Contra page, you can link to it from your main site, driving traffic to a portfolio of your best work. Future clients will also be able to find key info, such as pricing and recommendations.
  4. Create your site: Choose a template (or start from scratch, if you know how) that represents your brand well. Then, add images, text, links, and content. When you’re pleased with your site's appearance, publish it online for the world to see. And don’t forget to keep it updated with your latest accomplishments, work, and services. If you have a blog, try to be consistent with your posts so readers will keep coming back for more. 
  5. Promote your site: Some people will stumble across your site organically via a search engine, but promoting it on social media will help lead others to your page. You can also email current clients asking them to share their experience with your services and your new site.

Get your start with a Contra portfolio website 📂

Creating a website with Contra allows you to offer potential clients stunning samples of your work, testimonials, and pricing all in one aesthetically pleasing place. A Contra portfolio will enable eager clients to get in touch about their projects even before your site is up and running.

An added bonus? Contra helps you get paid commission-free — and if you’re a freelancer, you know that’s a big deal. 

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