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Looking to create a graphic design portfolio? Here’s everything you need to know, including the key elements to include and inspiring examples.

If you’re a graphic designer, your portfolio is your resume, cover letter, and first impression all rolled into one. The question is, with so much competition out there, how do you make sure yours stands out from the crowd? 

When it comes to creating a graphic design portfolio, a picture is worth a thousand words, but the story behind each piece is what’s more important. A lot goes into creating a portfolio that attracts and lands customers — here’s how (and why) to do it. 

Why portfolios are important for graphic designers 🎭

If you're a graphic designer, a portfolio is essential for demonstrating your passion and skills to potential clients. It's a visual representation of your work that highlights your strengths, creative abilities, and style, and it's a powerful tool for showcasing your past projects and ability to meet client demands. When done correctly, a portfolio gives potential clients insight into exactly how you approach design. 

Whether you’re an Independent or working as part of an agency, a strong portfolio makes all the difference in landing new clients. Investing your time into creating a well-curated, organized portfolio is one of the most effective ways to represent your work and vision.

5 types of graphic design portfolios 🖌️

“Graphic design” is an umbrella term that includes many different types of design. While some designers specialize in just one style, others do a wide variety of work, and creating a portfolio that demonstrates your personal brand is a great way to set yourself apart and attract clients. Here are a few types of graphic design portfolio projects you may want to build: 

  • Typography. If you’re passionate about fonts and typography, showcase your logo design, posters, and other types of lettering-focused work in this type of portfolio. 
  • Illustration. An illustrative portfolio is perfect for capturing the eye-catching design projects you create for print and online. 
  • User experience. If you specialize in UX design and UI design, you need a portfolio that showcases your skills. This may include designs for apps and websites. 
  • Branding. A branding-focused portfolio is necessary for graphic designers who specialize in creating brand identities, including logos, packaging, and print collateral. 
  • Product design. If you create physical products for clients, try a product design portfolio to showcase your best work. 

3 key elements of a graphic design portfolio 🔥

Your online portfolio reflects your skills and creativity, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure it stands out. These three fundamental elements make a good graphic design portfolio great

  • Simplicity. A clean simple layout is essential — it ensures your work is the focal point. Avoid cluttered designs or overly complex layouts and navigation, as these can be distracting. 
  • High-quality images. Image quality is critical! Use the highest-quality images to display your work in the best possible light. This allows the details and nuances of your designs to shine through. 
  • Detailed descriptions. For every example of your work, include details like who the project was for, your role, the project's goals and objectives, insight into your creative process, the project's results, and client feedback.

Tips on how to make a graphic design portfolio 💥

Want to assemble a stunning graphic design portfolio? These tips (and the upcoming portfolio inspiration) will get you off on the right foot: 

Introduce yourself 👋

Use your portfolio as an opportunity to inform potential clients about who you are and what you’ve accomplished so far in your career. Provide insight into your style and strengths so they know exactly what you bring to the table. Add your bio, design experience, design skills, headshot, social media links, contact information, and relevant work experience.

Include case studies 📂

Case studies provide an in-depth look at your best work. For each, include information about your client’s goals and objectives, your design approach, and the project’s results. Put your best foot forward and choose quality over quantity, especially if you’re starting out as a designer. 

Share personal projects 🤲

Adding personal or conceptual projects is an excellent way to demonstrate your creativity and attract the type of clients you genuinely want to work with. Treat these projects as paid work, and remember to include case studies and high-quality supporting images. Giving the same level of attention and detail to your personal and professional projects demonstrates your commitment to quality. 

Include client feedback 📣

In the world of Independent work, testimonials matter. Include feedback from satisfied clients to powerfully demonstrate the trust you’ve built with your community. Trust us — it goes a long way. 

6 graphic design portfolio examples to inspire you 💡

If you’re seeking inspiration to create your own or just love browsing the work of talented artists, these unique graphic design portfolio websites are sure to please: 

1. Salvatore Sammartino

Montreal-based environmental artist Salvatore Sammartino uses his designs to promote sustainability. A graphic designer, motion designer, and illustrator committed to using his work to make a positive impact on the planet, his portfolio showcases his logo design, illustration, and animation skills. 

2. Amber Koski

Amber Koski’s eye-catching and straightforward portfolio highlights recent projects on brands that are fun and entertaining. The Ohio-based graphic designer describes herself as having a fresh perspective, and it shows. The work featured in her portfolio demonstrates her rebranding, brand identity, packaging, GIF design, and social media skills. 

3. Kelly Madu

New York-based Kelly Madu is a multi-talented graphic designer, content creator, and social media marketer with an impressive repertoire of work under her belt. Her portfolio is an excellent example of a designer who showcases different types of work in one place. Madu’s portfolio provides a concise overview of her journey working with the 28 ROW Network and Her Campus Media, focusing on social media, content, graphic design, styling, and creative strategy. 

4. Carly Mack

A top marketer on Contra, Carly Mack’s portfolio showcases her vintage-inspired style and design prowess through her recent web design, rebranding, social media, apparel, and poster design projects. The Dallas-based Independent describes herself as having a passion for advertising and music from yesteryear, which fuels her passion for creating for the future. 

5. Melanie Ortega

Melanie Ortega’s portfolio shines a spotlight on her work as creative director at social media marketing and creative agency Inspired Social, highlighting recent projects that include creative direction, social strategy, and graphic design. Based in Florida, she specializes in not just graphic design but also social media, branding, web design, copywriting, and content creation that aims to build genuine connections and inspire growth. 

6. Ubaid Ur Rehman

Ubaid Ur Rehman’s portfolio gives a well-curated overview of his recent work curating effective design solutions for clients. In it, the Pakistan-based graphic designer displays his brand identity, app, pitch deck, branding, and landing page work to show potential clients what he’s all about: providing effective design solutions to help businesses reach their goals.

Showcase your design services with Contra 🌟

Contra’s an Independent-driven platform that puts freelancers first. If you’re looking to build your graphic design career, we offer great opportunities for showcasing your passion and landing clients you truly want to work with.  

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