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Phill Lucero

AR/VR Developer
UX Designer
Motion Designer
Adobe Premiere Pro
prototyping interaction with Figma and Bezel

Overview: 🔍

Dive into a musical realm like never before! This AR experience was crafted as an innovative journey for fans to rediscover their favorite music videos, unveiling hidden gems that lead to exclusive content. By intertwining the magic of AR with the allure of music, we've created a bridge between the band and its fans, offering a fresh perspective on existing content while building anticipation for what's to come.

The Vision:

Imagine a treasure hunt through the eras of the band's music journey. Fans embark on a quest, revisiting past music visualizers (music videos) that are rich with hidden messages and words. These visualizers, a blend of music and imagery, hold the secrets to the puzzle. As fans decipher these clues and enter the correct phrases into a designated input field, they are rewarded with a unique unlockable AR music trophy. This trophy isn't just a symbol; it's an immersive experience, playing the band's new single in a mesmerizing AR display, celebrating the fans' dedication and the band's musical journey.

Hand Tracking Demo Selecting Videos To find the clues

The Process:

  1. Immersive Exploration: Using Bezel, an XR web-based design tool, we began by crafting the foundation of our AR puzzle. The image above showcases the mixed reality interaction, where fans could dive into the experience using hand tracking with a mixed reality headset.
  2. Mixed Reality Magic: Fans were transported into a window-based mixed reality realm. Here, they collaborated with fellow fans and interacted with an AI chatbot, embodying the band's energy and vibe. This AI guide illuminated the path, helping fans uncover clues hidden within visualizers, leading them to the grand prize: an exclusive first listen of the band's new song.
  3. Visualizers Reimagined: Video stills from various visualizers designed for the band's project "XXV" were intricately woven into the experience. These visualizers, crafted using After Effects and Adobe Premiere, held the keys to unlocking the AR music trophy.
  4. The Grand Finale: Once fans deciphered the song titles or keywords from the visualizers, they entered them using pass-through technology. Success unlocked the coveted trophy, which, when activated, played the band's new single in a mesmerizing AR display with spatial audio integration.

Video Stills

stay away from me

right in all this wrong

tiger king


for real


The AR Trophy Unveiled: ✨

Upon successfully deciphering the song titles or keywords from the visualizers and entering them using pass-through technology, fans are rewarded with the grand reveal of the AR music trophy. This isn't just any trophy; it's a symbol of their dedication, passion, and love for the music.

Appearance: The trophy materializes in the mixed reality space, shimmering with a captivating aura. Its intricate design and dynamic visuals are a testament to the band's musical journey and the fans' unwavering support.

Interactivity: With just a simple tap, the trophy springs to life. It begins to rotate gracefully, revealing different facets of its design, each telling a story of its own. As it moves, it resonates with the energy of the band's new single, inviting fans to immerse themselves in the music.

The First Listen: As the trophy continues its dance, the band's new single starts to play. This is not just a regular playback; it's an exclusive first listen for the most dedicated fans. The spatial audio integration ensures that the music surrounds the fans, offering a multi-dimensional listening experience. Every note, every beat, is felt deeply, creating a bond between the fans and the music like never before.

AR Trophy in Reality Composer

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