Plants vs. Humans Earth Day 2023

Phill Lucero

3D Designer
Audio Engineer
UX Designer
Reality Composer

🌍 Earth Day AR Art Gallery:

Objective 🎯:

To celebrate Earth Day, this AR Art Gallery was conceived as a digital space where art, technology, and environmental consciousness converge. The aim was to inspire reflection on our relationship with Earth, emphasizing both the beauty and fragility of our planet.

Experience Theme 🌿👫:

Titled "Plants vs. Humans", the gallery showcased the harmony and contrast between humans and plants. Through four distinct galleries, visitors were transported into multi-dimensional AR artworks, 3D objects, and mixed reality portals.

Galleries 🎨:

  1. Multi-dimensional Artworks 🎶: These pieces offered depth and sound, immersing viewers in a sensory experience.
  2. 3D Objects 🌺: Sculptures and installations that highlight the intricate beauty of nature juxtaposed by digital consumption which pulls us away from it.
  3. Mixed Reality Portals 🔮: Windows into potential futures for our planet, both utopian and dystopian.
  4. Cultural & Nature-Inspired Fashion 🍃: A showcase of fashion inspired by nature and diverse cultures, emphasizing the beauty and art of the natural world.
  5. Biosonification Art 🌱🎵: Artworks created while listening to music derived from plant electrical impulses, translated into melodies.

Message 💌:

The gallery served as a poignant reminder that plants are living entities. When humans and plants thrive in harmony, we sustain each other, fostering a balanced ecosystem.

Technical Aspects 🔧🌐:

The AR experience was meticulously crafted using a combination of cutting-edge tools and technologies. Web design principles ensured the website's user-friendly interface, while Reality Composer allowed for rich AR interactions. The AR QuickLook feature facilitated instant AR previews, and with asset hosting, users enjoyed seamless 3D AR experiences.

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