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Overview 🔎

In the vast digital venue of TikTok, Kendall Tenor sought to strike a chord that resonates beyond their existing fanbase. With a fresh track ready to drop, the challenge was clear: How do you amplify a song in a space where millions play? The answer lay in crafting an AR experience that wasn't just a trophy, but a ticket – an invitation to a musical journey that's both nostalgic for the fans and a discovery for the uncharted audience.

The Challenge & Our Creative Solution 🤝

In a world where every swipe introduces a new sound, Kendall Tenor's ambition was to be the melody that lingers. They didn't just want listens; they wanted engagement, recognition, and organic growth. Our answer? A TikTok filter that's more than a digital asset – it's an experience. A musical roulette that offers both a trip down memory lane for the loyalists and a delightful surprise for the newcomers.

Goals/Requirements 🎯

  • User-friendly: Designed for fans of all tech levels.
  • Growth Catalyst: Drive traffic and engagement to the band's TikTok.
  • Tangible Results: Boost streams across all music platforms.

Process 🛣: Crafting a Visual Ode to Melody

  1. Tuning into Trends: In the dynamic realm of TikTok, capturing attention is an art. We recognized the allure of the 2D randomizer trend, where users receive a surprise element, much like the delightful unpredictability of a fortune cookie. But how could we infuse this with the soulful essence of Kendall Tenor?
  2. Album Artistry: Our vision was clear: to use the band's rich catalog of album artworks as the heart of our filter. Each artwork wasn't just a visual treat but a gateway to a song, answering the evocative question: "What kind of day are you going to have?" This wasn't just for the fans; it was an invitation to every TikTok user to discover the band's musical journey.
  3. Technical Composition: With our concept in place, I charted the filter's mechanics. Envision an array of iconic album covers, each a visual representation of a Kendall Tenor track. Upon activation, the filter would waltz through these covers, finally settling on one, beckoning users to explore the song behind the art. The anticipation was the crescendo, allowing users the freedom to pair the visual with its corresponding melody.
  4. Designing the Visual Symphony: Guided by a preliminary UX sketch, I ventured into Procreate. The mission? To digitally enhance the band's artwork, ensuring every pixel resonated with Kendall Tenor's legacy. Personalized messages over each album cover deepened the connection, making the experience profoundly intimate.
  5. Bringing the Vision to Life: With our visual symphony ready, I collaborated with TikTok's AR Filter maestro, Effect House. Using Visual Scripting, every artwork was meticulously integrated, ensuring the filter was not just an aesthetic delight but a musical journey.
  6. Rehearsals & The Grand Premiere: Rigorous tests ensured our filter was harmonized for a diverse audience. With the client's nod, our filter was unveiled, and within 24 hours, it was serenading TikTok users. The true testament to its success? Brand new fans, inspired by the filter, began crafting their own videos, integrating Kendall Tenor's music, amplifying the band's reach and resonance.

Results 🎁: A Symphony of Success

1. The Opening Act: Even in its nascent stages, the filter's potential was evident. Without any external promotions, the first day saw a global ensemble of 85 individual users embracing the filter. This immediate traction was a testament to the filter's universal appeal and its alignment with the project's goals.

2. Climbing the Charts: Within a week, our filter was not just another drop in the TikTok ocean. It soared to be among the top 25% of all TikTok effects. But that wasn't the only accolade. My journey as a creator was recognized, placing me in the elite top 15% of all effect creators on the platform.

3. The Crescendo: As of October 27th, the filters I've crafted have become more than just digital tools; they've transformed into platforms for creators to bond with their communities. With a staggering 3.7 million views across all filters and a whopping 360K views in the recent month alone, the numbers speak volumes. But it's not just about the numbers. It's about the impact, the connections forged, and the stories told.

4. The Encore: Today, I stand proud in the top 1% of effect creators on TikTok. It's not just an achievement; it's a testament to the power of understanding brands, crafting experiences, and connecting with audiences. Every view, every interaction, and every moment is a reminder of the magic that can be woven when creativity meets strategy.

This has been our best engagement on this app as long as we've had our account. We can't wait to continue engaging with this creative community

Blake Moody Producer of Kendall Tenor

Takeaways & The Road Ahead 📝💡

This project was more than just numbers; it was about community, creativity, and collaboration. We learned that when fans drive the narrative, it not only boosts engagement but also offers a goldmine of insights for future AR endeavors.

A Glimpse of the Magic 📹🌟

The TikTok community embraced our filter, making it their own. From trendsetters setting the tone to followers adding their unique spin, the filter became a canvas for creativity.

Post-launch, we closely observed the rhythm of the community's interactions with our filter. A pattern emerged: many users were mirroring the format and sound of one of the pioneering creators. This wasn't just a trend; it was an opportunity.

Adapting to the Beat: Insights and Iterations 🤔

Recognizing this, we orchestrated our move. We crafted an "original creator" video, ensuring it was finely tuned to the band's music from the selected album. This wasn't just any video; it was designed to be the curtain-raiser, the first video users would encounter when exploring content made with our filter.

The results? Harmonious. By positioning our video at the forefront, we became the maestros directing the audience's journey. Users were not only introduced to the filter but were also seamlessly led to the band's music. This strategy amplified traffic and engagement, turning casual viewers into engaged listeners and potential fans.

In essence, we didn't just ride the wave; we composed it, ensuring the band's melodies resonated far and wide.

Dive into the world of immersive content with us! Let's co-create a filter that not only resonates with your brand & artistry but deepens that invaluable bond with your audience.

🌟 Your vision, our expertise – let's make magic together! 🌟

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