Interactive Social Media Filters for Musician Brand Campaign

Phill Lucero

3D Designer
Audio Engineer
UX Designer

3D Immersive TikTok Filter for STAR SEED & MAU5TRAP 🎵🌌

Overview 🌟:

In a collaborative effort with STAR SEED and the renowned label MAU5TRAP, this project aimed to promote their latest single through an immersive 3D TikTok filter. Drawing inspiration from their promo footage and the vibrant colors of their album artwork, the filter was designed to provide users with a captivating and interactive experience.

Problem & Solution 🤔💡:

The challenge was to create a filter that not only resonated with the artist's brand but also stood out in a saturated digital landscape. The solution was a 3D immersive filter that seamlessly integrated the artist's visual identity, ensuring a memorable user experience.

Process 🛠:

  1. Initial Discussions 🤝: Conducted intro meetings with STAR SEED, their featured artist collaborator, and the MAU5TRAP team to understand their vision and expectations.
  2. Conceptualization 🎨: Developed multiple concepts based on the discussions, ensuring the filter's design was in sync with the artist's brand.
  3. Revisions ✏️: Offered the artist two revision opportunities over a 2 week period, refining the filter's design based on their feedback.
  4. Finalization & Strategy 🚀: Held a conclusive meeting with the artist's manager and marketing team. This session was pivotal in deciding the filter's title, its visual representation, and strategizing its launch.
  5. Implementation & Launch 📲: With the design finalized and the strategy in place, the filter was developed and launched, ensuring users had a seamless and engaging experience.

Per artist request, we made sure to also make this filter work for cats.🐱

Results 📈:

While the project's metrics are ongoing, the collaborative approach ensured that the filter was not only visually stunning but also aligned with the artist's branding and promotional goals.

Takeaways 📝:

This project underscored the importance of collaboration and iterative design. By involving the artist, their collaborators, and their management team at every step, the filter was tailored to meet the specific needs of the artist while ensuring maximum user engagement.

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