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Phill Lucero

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Nomad Sculpt
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Dive into a novel music engagement experience with the AR Music Trophy, originally conceived as an unlockable reward for the New Music Release AR Puzzle. Upon puzzle completion, fans can download this unique trophy, immersing themselves in Augmented Reality Spaces. Beyond just viewing, they can share this digital keepsake in messages, showcasing the dynamic trophy that pulsates and rotates to the rhythm of the song upon interaction.

Kendall Tenor Logo Trophy Design

How Does it Work?🎧

Once loaded on an AR-enabled device, the trophy materializes in the real world. Fans are invited to explore its intricate design from every angle. A simple tap activates the trophy, serenading them with the band's latest hit, "Sunsets." As the trophy spins and the music plays, fans are treated to a dynamic auditory experience, with spatial audio altering the sound based on their position.



Starting with just the band's album artwork logo, I embarked on a journey to recreate and enhance their emblem, capturing every nuance using Procreate.

🖋️ Procreate Logo with hand-drawn variations

Transitioning to Nomad Sculpt, I transformed the band's logo into a 3D model, refining it to achieve a rugged metallic aesthetic.

Nomad Sculpt

Ensuring the trophy's visual fidelity, I crafted UV Maps to preserve its texture and color.

UV Unwrap

The design journey culminated in Procreate, where final visual touches were added before transitioning to Reality Composer.

🎬 In Reality Composer, the scene was set. Object interactions were defined, and the soul of the project, the audio, was integrated.

Results 🏆

More than just a digital object, this trophy is a keepsake. Fans can treasure it long after their initial discovery, reminiscent of the nostalgia of placing a record on a turntable. As artists evolve and release new tracks, the potential for diverse experiences and trophies grows, offering fans an ever-evolving, immersive way to connect with music.

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