Sonic Innovations by Kendall Tenor: Tailored Audio Solutions

Phill Lucero

Audio Engineer
Music Producer
Sound Designer
Ableton Live
Audio Equipment
Logic Pro

Objective 🎯:

The goal of Sonic Innovations is to offer comprehensive audio solutions, catering to diverse needs from custom music composition, and sound design, to leveraging an extensive catalog for placements. Our focus is on creating unique auditory experiences that align with each client's vision, whether for enhancing brand identity, enriching multimedia projects, or elevating customer experiences with custom hold music or jingles.

Services Offered 🛠️:

  • Custom Music Composition: Crafting original music that captures your brand’s essence, from jingles to background scores.
  • Sound Design: Creating bespoke soundscapes for films, podcasts, and digital content, utilizing a vast array of instruments and analog gear.
  • Audio Engineering: Expert recording, editing, and mastering services, enhancing the clarity and impact of your audio content.
  • Music Catalog for Licensing: Access to an extensive portfolio of tracks for use in videos, projects, and commercial spaces, proven by over 800 placements and 4 million views.

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Our Edge 🌟:

Our collective experience extends beyond music production. With a background in audio editing for film, podcast production, and custom sound design, we bring a holistic approach to audio engineering and musical creativity. Our work as Kendall Tenor showcases our ability to blend genres and styles, offering clients a unique sonic signature.

Message 💌:

Sonic Innovations is about more than just sound; it's about crafting an auditory identity that resonates with your audience. Through Kendall Tenor, we offer the expertise and creativity to bring your audio vision to life, whether you need an immersive soundtrack, a memorable jingle, or the perfect background music for your project.

Technical Aspects 🔧🎚️:

  • Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs): Proficient in using top-tier software like Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools for production and post-production.
  • Analog Audio Gear: Utilizing vintage synthesizers, drum machines, and modern field recorders for authentic and rich sound textures.
  • Collaborative Workflow: Leveraging cloud-based platforms for efficient project management and client feedback integration.

Kendall Tenor's "Sonic Innovations" invites you to explore the possibilities of sound. Let us transform your project with audio that speaks volumes, reflecting your vision and engaging your audience at every level.

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