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Kajal Baliyan

Brand Designer
Graphic Designer
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

About the Brand

MagicMint is an open-source  WEB 3 platform that helps creators organize marketing campaigns or claim whitelist spots based on social media actions like Likes, Shares, and Retweets. MagicMint makes marketing campaigns fun both for the creators and for the targeted users. It adds a spark bringing NFTs into the equation.

MagicMint's Moodboard

The Logo & Brand Identity ✨

MagicMint's brand identity is a reflection of its core values and the essence of its platform. The logo, designed in the shape of a sparkle, embodies the excitement and enchantment that MagicMint brings to the world of marketing and NFTs. It serves as a visual representation of the platform's ability to add a touch of magic and sparkle to creators' campaigns.

Brand Keywords: Innovative ✦ Simple ✦ Engaging ✦ Fun


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