BlockchainSquad Branding: Shaping the Future of Web3

Luis Martinez

Brand Designer
Logo Designer
Brand Strategist
Adobe Illustrator


As the lead designer for Blockchain Squad's branding project, my task was to create a brand identity that reflects their cutting-edge technology focus. The project encompassed developing a visual identity that resonates with the core values of blockchain technology - security, transparency, and innovation.

Role & Contributions:

Lead Designer - Brand Identity and Strategy Development

Design Philosophy:

Focused on crafting a brand identity that embodies Blockchain Squad’s innovative approach in blockchain and Web3. The design aimed to communicate their technological prowess and industry leadership.

Specific Design Solutions:

Developed a comprehensive brand package including logo design, color palette, and visual language that aligns with Blockchain Squad's vision. The branding was tailored to appeal to both tech-savvy clients and newcomers to blockchain, ensuring wide market relevance.

Tools and Methodologies:

Employed Adobe Suite for graphic design elements and branding collateral, ensuring a cohesive visual identity that effectively communicates Blockchain Squad's cutting-edge services.

Impact & Reach:

The new branding strategy elevated Blockchain Squad’s market presence, clearly communicating their role as innovators in the blockchain and Web3 sectors.


Successfully delivered a dynamic and modern brand identity for Blockchain Squad, significantly enhancing their brand appeal and reinforcing their status as pioneers in the digital innovation space.

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