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Luis Martinez

UX Designer
UI Designer
Whole Earth Foundation

Hired as the lead product designer for the Tekkon project, I established the UX foundations and developed the inaugural version of the iOS application. My design philosophy revolved around crafting an intuitive and universally accessible platform, reflected in the app’s acclaimed performance on the Google Play Store and the App Store in Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines. With over 250,000 downloads and 10,000 active users, Tekkon has carved out a significant presence. My role spanned the entire design process from initial concept to final rollout, ensuring a user journey that enhanced engagement and retention. The design was meticulously tailored to diverse global user demographics, leading to a product that not only resonates with its audience but also supports the app’s ongoing expansion.

Role & Contributions:

Lead Designer - UX Foundation & UI Creation

Design Philosophy:

Focused on intuitive access for a global audience.

Specific Design Solutions:

Faced with a stringent deadline, my approach involved streamlining the design process through close collaboration with the product owner. This synergy enabled rapid iterations that addressed user feedback in real-time, enhancing the app’s navigation and usability under tight time constraints.

Tools and Methodologies:

Leveraging Figma for its collaborative features, I spearheaded the UX/UI design in an Agile environment, adhering to Scrum principles. This facilitated a flexible yet disciplined workflow, allowing for adaptive planning, iterative development, continual improvement, and swift response to changes.

Impact & Reach:

Over 250K downloads, 10K active users in Japan, Singapore, & Philippines.


Successful app launch with robust user engagement and high retention.

Tekkon Web3 Mobile App Version 1.1

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