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Luis Martinez

UX Designer
Product Designer
UI Designer

Engaged as the Lead UX/UI Designer for the Clipboard Marketplace Mobile App Enhancement Project, I was tasked with revamping the user experience and interface. My primary goal was to elevate the app's functionality, making it more intuitive and engaging to boost booking rates and user interaction. The project's success was evident in the enhanced user satisfaction and increased usability of the app.

Role & Contributions:

Lead UX/UI Designer - User Experience Overhaul & Interface Enhancement

Design Philosophy:

Committed to creating a user-friendly, efficient, and engaging interface that simplifies the dining reservation process for a diverse range of users.

Specific Design Solutions:

The project's tight timeline demanded an efficient and collaborative approach. Working closely with the team, I focused on integrating user feedback promptly into the design process, leading to significant improvements in the app’s navigation and overall usability.

Tools and Methodologies:

I utilized Figma for its advanced collaborative features, enabling a streamlined and dynamic design process within an Agile framework. Adherence to Scrum principles was key, allowing for flexible planning, iterative development, and continuous refinement.

Impact & Reach:

The project led to a marked improvement in user engagement, reflected in positive feedback and enhanced app usability.


The FindFood app emerged as a more user-friendly platform, with improved navigation and booking features, leading to increased user satisfaction and engagement.

Clipboard's Marketplace UX Discover Feature
Clipboard's Marketplace UX Booking Feature
Clipboard's Marketplace Discover Feature

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