Commerxe: Crafting a Landing Page that Captivates and Converts

Luis Martinez

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Engaged as the lead designer for the Commerxe branding and UI project, I was responsible for creating a cohesive brand identity and landing page design. The project entailed designing the Commerxe landing page UI/UX, app icon, a comprehensive color palette, branded credit card, logo composition grid, logo color variations, promotional banners, and branded merchandise like hats. My focus was on establishing a brand identity that was both modern and user-friendly, resonating with Commerxe’s target audience.

Role & Contributions:

Lead Designer - Landing Page UI/UX Development

Design Philosophy:

My design philosophy centered on creating an inviting and user-friendly landing page that balances aesthetic appeal with functional simplicity, ensuring a smooth path to conversion for users.

Specific Design Solutions:

Emphasis was placed on designing a clean layout with easy navigation. Key features included engaging visual content, clear messaging, and strategically placed calls to action to guide users through the purchasing journey.

Tools and Methodologies:

Utilized Figma for UI/UX design, focusing on responsive design principles to ensure the landing page delivers a seamless experience across all devices.

Impact & Reach:

The new landing page design led to improved user engagement, lower bounce rates, and an increase in conversion rates, marking a significant stride in Commerxe's digital presence.


Successfully delivered a high-performing landing page for, bolstering the brand's online visibility and sales effectiveness.

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