Commerxe: Revolutionizing Brand Identity in Digital e-Commerce

Luis Martinez

Brand Designer
Logo Designer
Brand Strategist
Adobe Illustrator


As the lead designer for the Commerxe branding project, my role was to forge a unique brand identity that resonates with modern e-commerce consumers. This encompassed designing the app icon, establishing a comprehensive color palette, creating a branded credit card, developing a logo composition grid, exploring logo color variations, and conceptualizing promotional banners and merchandise like hats.

Role & Contributions:

Lead Designer - Comprehensive Brand Identity Development

Design Philosophy:

Focused on crafting a visually compelling brand identity that connects with users and sets Commerxe apart in the digital e-commerce space.

Specific Design Solutions:

My approach involved creating a cohesive brand aesthetic, encompassing everything from the color scheme and logo design to branded collateral. Emphasis was placed on ensuring consistency across all branding elements, thereby solidifying brand recognition and appeal.

Tools and Methodologies:

Leveraged Adobe Suite for creating branding elements, blending traditional branding techniques with contemporary design trends for a fresh, impactful brand image.

Impact & Reach:

The reimagined brand identity significantly strengthened Commerxe's position in the e-commerce sector, resonating with a broad audience and reinforcing the company's market presence.


Delivered a robust and visually engaging brand identity for Commerxe, enhancing the overall brand experience and fostering customer loyalty in a competitive digital marketplace.

Commerxe - Landing Page Splash View
Commerxe - iOS Icon
Commerxe - Brand Colors
Commerxe - Credit Card Layout
Commerxe Brand Composition
Commerxe Brand Usage
Commerxe iOS Secondary Icon
Commerxe Promotional Banner
Commerxe Promotional Hat

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