Burger House: Restaurant Branding, Marketing & Everything Design

Omar Al-Dib

Brand Designer
Social Media Manager
Creative Design
Adobe Photoshop

Moving up from a home-catering-side-hustle, to a restaurant competing with the large fast food chains around the city, It was always going to be difficult...But with high quality food & the right marketing, you can make room for yourself!

First things first, the logo:

Pretty simple logo, colours are easy to change to fit whatever aesthetic needed.

A lot of colours could be used, but two default are:

Putting everything on paper (literally):

Burger House makes the most of catering opportunities, so what better way to put your name out there during trade shows & boutiques than distributing uniquely branded business cards!?

After providing me with a simple list of what they offer... it was time to make their menu!

Getting the name out there - Socially:

With high quality food & a great atmosphere at the restaurant, all that's missing was the customers... and what better way to get customers than through social media? So I got designing:

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