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What started off as a student association with a mission to make Carleton University a kinder place to study in, grew into a Non Profit Organization dedicated in making their city a better place to live in. CU Smile, a philanthropic club founded on September 2016, has garnered over a thousand dedicated members & volunteers living by their motto:  

"we can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone" - CU Smile Motto #kindness #quote

Over the years, CU Smile has been dedicated in finding ways to put a smile on people’s face, while giving back to their local community! They have hosted over 200 different initiatives so far & they're only just getting started!

One of the things that best distinguished CU Smile from other organizations is the simple designs and overall kindness as an organization. The purpose is not only to help those less fortunate, but also to put smiles on faces of those who need it. One of the ways that was done is by posting simple quotes & reminders.

"Your impact on others is bigger than you think" - CU Smile #Kindness #Quotes
"Check on your friends" - CU Smile #Kindness #Quotes #MentalHealth
"You Change Hearts" - CU Smile #Kindness #Quotes #MentalHealth
"Do Good" - CU Smile #kindness #quotes #mentalhealth
"It's Ok" - CU Smile #Kindness #Reminder #Quotes #MentalHealth

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