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CU Smile, a philanthropic club founded on September 2016, that hosts events & initiatives around the city to help those less fortunate. I was able to prepare all the marketing material that has helped them garner over a thousand dedicated members & volunteers.

The first & most popular event CU Smile hosts is Operation Lunchbag an event that brings volunteers from around the city to prepare & distribute lunch bags for the homeless population of Ottawa, Canada. In 12 editions of Operation Lunchbag, CU Smile was able to feed 11,000 people in need. A lot of credit goes to the idea of course, but the designs and marketing strategies used helped boost these numbers as well!

Operation Lunchbag

Below are just a small handful of events I've been able to plan, organize and execute. Here are some of the posters I was able to design and market:

Operation Frontline Feeders: Providing meals for the city's frontline workers

Frontline Feeders
Frontline Feeders 2
Frontline Feeders 3
Frontline Feeders 4

Operation Jingle Bells & Meals Of Hope: Preparing warm & hot meals for those less fortunate

Operation Jingle Bells
Operation Meals Of Hope
Operation Meals of Hope 2

Operation Homelessness: A year-long campaign to address and try to end homelessness in the city of Ottawa.

Operation Homelessness
Smile Fridges

Operation Homelessness Campaign in Ramadan: A list of different initiatives throughout the Holy month of Ramadan.

Operation Food Drive
Operation Lunchbag
Operation Meals of Hope
Operation Pizza Box
Operation Happy Iftar

Operation Happy Eid: Preparing & distributing Eid gift bags to Muslim kids in our community.

Operation Happy Eid

Operation Share the Warmth: A clothing drive to help give the gift or warmth to those in need around the city of Ottawa

Operation Share the Warmth
Operation Share the Warmth
Operation Share the Warmth 6

Operation Be a Hero: A blood drive to support the Canadian Blood Services

Operation Be a Hero

Operation Helping Hands: Helping the custodians around a University campus with cleaning, as well as showing them our appreciation for all their hard work.

Operation Helping Hands

Operation Lend a Paw: a donation drive for animals in adoption shelters

Operation Lend a Paw

Operation Pack to School: A school supply donation drive to support underprivileged refugee kids in the city of Ottawa.

Operation Pack to School

Operation Paint Night: A mental health break for students before midterms and finals

Operation Paint Night

Operation Trick or Treat: Packing and distributing goodie bags for underprivileged kids around the city on Halloween.

Operation Trick or Treat

Operation a Token of Love: Distributing flowers, thank you cards and love to frontline workers during their Valentine's Day shift.

Operation a Token of Love

Operation Walk for a Cure: a breast cancer awareness fundraiser.

Operation Walk for a Cure
Operation Walk for a Cure 2

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